The odds of death

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  1. So I was making my way to the legendary outpost LLO for the first time and literally when I got there to the front gate, lightning struck me and killed me. Like what are the odds of dying like that. Lol if a mod wants to see that death log and laugh, go for it coz I doubt it will be a long time before someone else dies by lightning. Feel free to post a pic of it too.
    Actually if a staff member is able to get a log of that, please post, I want everyone to see proof of EMC's first death by lightning.
  2. You still on i can show a different way to LLO, its safer and faster ;)
  3. Actually I had to get off but I'll make my way there tomorrow or some other day. But seriously, what are the odds of death by lightning on Emc ?
  4. I once got shot on a boat by lightening.
  5. hmm its has happen to me twice on this server oddly enough both times at LLO :p but it was couple months ago. Okie dokie hopefully when we are on at same time I can show the only take 5min to get there :)
  6. The LLO has some kind of Voodoo thing on it. I have heard Zombies and Skeles that weren't there, people have had their pants stuck in the sitting position and I forget what else has happened. >.>
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  7. SecretAznEks was killed by lightning in a mega storm at the LLO.
  8. LLO must have some lightning defense added to it unknowingly coz it seems alot of people die from that there.
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  9. yes we do :p and it's advise not make our house roof out of wool or planks. :)
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  10. You could...
    cover the entire LLO with glass at level 255.
    Also, there was a day when I got struck at least 5 times within a few hours. Granted, I was in an ocean biome. As long as you're wearing decent armor, the odds of dying are pretty slim.
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  11. This comes to mind lol
  12. I was chatting to my friend on Skype while we were working on our outpost, and he had been struck by lightning twice.
    I decided to say "ha, you've been struck by lightning twice and I haven't been struck once"
    and right there, right then, I got struck by lightning. Ridicule from my friend ensued for the remainder of the month.
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  13. now that is some serious payback. boom, hahaha!, ....boom
  14. one of my friends...forgot his username got struck by lightning in creative mode....and he still died, i'm not really at all sure how....not on the LLO though never been there
  15. the LLO is famous for its lightning storms. i have some great footage of people dieing XD
  16. Kind of like when I was playing egyptain ratslap (ratscrew), there had been no fives, but when someone pointed that out, the next four cards were fives. :p
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  17. We should find Secrets Video.
  18. I died by lightning 3 months ago, you are not the first, many people have died by lightning.
  19. yeah same here it destroyed my boat :D