The next minecraft update!

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  1. Hey everyone, I'm here to talk about the next MC update. The version is something like 12w0 I know wierd. What are introduced in this update?
    1. Jungle Biome's
    2. New Wood!
    3. Better Zombie AI , artificial intelligence! They can navigate there way through mazes! Scary -_-
    4. Mob dispensers! If u put eggs in dispensers out comes the mob of that egg! Kook huh?
    5. Climbing Vines! If vines are on a solid block, you can climb them!
    Thanks for reading. :)
    6. Wolfs Can now be bred! Babi wolF = cute!
    7. Wolfs have New AI, the follow you better.
    8. When wolves are angry, they gets more rugged look, darker fur, black fur.
    9. Ladder glitch fixes! You can stand on ladders again! Oh good! Also they have made the ladders like torches, so you can easily go through them instead of getting lagged out! Mob traps? Now u can use ladders as well as signs!
  2. Nice thanks for the info :)
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  3. Awesome i'll make a maze! lol
  4. I see a whole set of lab experiments i will need to do with my new rat/zombies!
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  5. Exciting!! :)
    I am going to be running Spout for EMC now... I want to see these Jungle Biomes! :D
  6. Welcome to the Jungle

    Jeb has released a new snapshot today for testing! The following changes are ready for your testing pleasure:

    • Ladders regained their collision box, and vines are climbable when they have a solid block behind them
    • Added jungle biome (requires a new world) with new tree and leaf types
    • Updated language files
    • Dispensers will place mobs instead of releasing the spawner egg
    • Zombies have new path-finding AI
    • Wolves have new AI and can be bred (when tame)
    Get the test client right here!

    Get the test server here!

    Sorry about the proxy links.. I can't access on a normal browser window yet...
  7. Breeding of wolves is pretty cool!
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  8. crud. this is pretty much a guarantied wild reset huh?
  9. Sad to say, but it will be required to enjoy the new biomes... Jungle wont show unless it is a brand new map...
  10. Oh I forgot about the ladders and the breeding wolfies! There sooo cute!
  11. To breed wolfs, you must tame both and then Ithink right click with steak or porkchop on both of them. And if u hold a steak or porkchop they will stare at you, time to rehearse a dance!
  12. Guys how about, in the wild we make a big as maze lure some zombies in, pillar out stand at exit of maze, btw, they won't just fall of things anymore, the will walk around
    It, no paths, they jump. Also in the jungle biomes there are leaves everywhere! There like bushes :D the trees are HiGH as! The average is 5x the average tree! Time for tree houses!
  13. just so you know mrsmiley, you can always edit a post.
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  14. I found a nice Jungle Biome in the seed Jungle Biome ;)

    The trunks of the new jungle trees are 4 blocks thick rather than the standard 1 block of Oak, Pine and Birch. As well, they are enormous and extend from the ground quite high... They gather in large clusters, also. They are covered in vines. They also drop "saplings" but they do not stack with the saplings of the same name and color dropped by Oak Trees...

    Here is my collection of screenshots. :)
  15. I knew this. Commenting is fun :)
  16. Twitch, cool , it's just like my jungle biome, (obviously) Anyways I also heard that jungle creatures maybe be added to the jungles? This will be interesting!
  17. Not sure about this, I don't want to reset every update. Maybe if we are getting ready to launch smp5 we will start with that one.
  18. Edited the List may wanna check this out.
  19. Umm , I wanna see the jungle in EMC people better not grief it up!