The next minecraft update!

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  1. Photos are up. Visible here.
    Ferns grow in the Jungle. Not sure how to harvest them or what they are officially called. As well, "bushes" grow around a single block of the new wood.. :)
  2. Justin maybe you could reset SMP1? Because it looks terrible anyway. So please I do want you to reset! Everyone who agrees resetting would be cool!
  3. Now Zombies can destroy doors (only on hard and hardcore) and villagers have better AI and now is inside in night and rain, and is outside other. (Thei come back to the houses) They is very great for animals, but not for the zombies, they their kill. Now creepers is scared for cats! :)
  4. wut?
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  5. jungle biomes are gonna make wood so much easier to get.

    A stack of bone meal and a single sapling? ready to go
  6. Use 4 jungle saplings (in a square), use bone meal on 1 sapling, makes an ENOURMOUS tree ;)
    X X
    X X
    X= Sapling.
  7. Villagers not kill zombies, they run from them, ops. Zombies would rund into dark places or go underwater to free from the sunlight! (As I sayd, they can destroy doors on hard, and they would do that do free from sunlight!
  8. Not a piston door :p :D
  9. More wat.
  10. Whee it's soon here :D

    Can't wait for my brand new kitty and a Redstone Lamp for my shop ;)
  11. Redstone lamp?
  12. Redstone Lamp is (will, actually, since 1.2 isn't here yet :p) a type of lamp that you can a lever/button/pressure plate to put it on or off "Just like a irl lamp :D"

    It's made like this :

    X R X
    R G R
    X R X
    Where R is Redstone Dust and G is Glowstone Dust.
  13. Hey what about cats and kittens!
    You forgot about those :(