The next Doctor??? discussion thread...

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  1. The page won't load for me!
  2. Same ;(
  3. Bill Weasley, his actor. Yes. Just Yes.
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  4. It's gonna be Gleeson.

    I don't want the doctor to be ginger.

    He wants to be ginger, which is why he never should be :p
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  5. My moneys on Domhnall Gleeson, he has a much more doctor-ish look about him, but honestly, i wish David Tenant would return.
    i know its not feasible, but i liked him the best of the 'new' doctors.
  6. Maybe, if it is Gleeson, he will be as cool as Tennant. I mean they were both wizards then timelords. :p
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  7. wizards? did i miss something>

    i was refering to gleeson as i saw him in the latest dredd movie and he came across as someone who could play a character with masses of knowledge.
  8. Krysyy there is a loophole in matt smiths contract, he may be able to stay for up to two more years
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  9. i really hope your wrong, i hate matt smith as a doctor, hes too similar to tenant but not as good

    maybe resurrect pond as a new female doctor? or even bring tenants doctors daughter back into the show?
  10. Hahaha, They where both in Harry Potter. ;p
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  11. ._. Matt Smith is the best
  12. lmao, i didnt even make that connection, thankyou :p

    i still say bring back the docs daughter :p
  13. The Doctor is an established Male. If he became female, then the show would lose its touch and it would stop again like it did in the 80's.
    Matt is brilliant.

    Where exactly did you hear this?
    If you say the Sun I will slap you into oblivion :p
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  15. There is always a way around everything. The doc could be lost in time and only his cloned daughter could track him down, adventures on the way lol
  16. That's a terrible plot.
    If it did happen, it would be in Jenny's own spin-off series, not in DOCTOR Who.
  17. Here's the IMDB pages for the people. It wouldn't load for me. Then again I'm on the east coast and the weather has been absolute butt thanks to the tropical storm.

    My vote is for Domhnall Gleeson. A few points: 1. The doctor with FINALLY be Ginger like he wants. 2. More Harry Potter mixed with Doctor Who:

    One that they don't have on the list, Mr. Weasley = Rory's dad.
    I know number two isn't really a valid thing, but imo it's pretty cool.
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  18. Terrible plots have a nasty habit of becoming reality when producers want money, look at what the did to primeval.
  19. I guess a wand works kinda like a sonic screwdriver?