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  1. I bet a new hard drive will cost 400% more than market value, again.
  2. At least it isn't called the Xbox 720.
  3. Looks good so far, Lots of apparent 'Xbox exclusives' however a lot of useless stuff as well such as all this TV crap I will probably never use simply because, I own a TV and it's probably going to be 'american centered' anyway, I know a lot of you are 'PC Gamers' and will have a negative thoughts about it, but it actually looks good so far, a lot better than the PS4 at first glance anyway :p
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  4. I was reading all the rumours about this last night... Most of this is not new info to me now...
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  5. So buying it
  6. I will anyway
  7. Well no offence to anyone that likes the ps4 but I hate the ps4.
  8. Very educated and experience led post here.
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  9. and did you hear about the new XBOX?

    I imagine this will happen quite a bit, lol. But that aside, this thing looks interesting. I like how it's supposed to do everything, but how well will this do everything?

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  10. Must people that consider themselfs xbox 360 gamers when I go to school will be like what's xbox one????

    I don't even own an xbox 360 and I still care...
  11. Lol
  12. It's kind of silly Microsoft went with the DDR 3 ram vs. The 5. Ram is not so much the bottle neck with console gaming, but with the power house processors and graphics cards in both systems, the ram may the only real game play defining factor that they defer greatly on
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  13. I just think the Xbox itself looks really cool and I really like the controllers.
  14. Well no offence to anyone that likes the Xbox but I hate the Xbox.
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  15. I hate the controllers :p
    The dual pad is terrible, the analogues are in the most awkward position ever and they're too big and clunky. PS's controllers are lightweight, the analogues are in the most convenient place they can be and they're comfortable to fit in your hand.

    Also, PS3 has better graphics than Xbox, and i'm assuming PS: Orbis will be the same.
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  16. The thing is, because I'm not used to PS3 controllers, I hate them and I just can't use it, however if i used it more and if you used the Xbox one more, you'll bound to get used to it :p Graphics is argued a lot, however there isn't much difference between the Xbox 360 and the PS3 at the moment, some games look better on one and worse on another and visa versa, this may or may not change with the next gen consoles.
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  17. Other than the Xbox, Microsoft sucks.
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