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  1. Hey all! Whilst I came online last night looking I saw there was a new and awesome pvp! I was like ''wow it was bedrock the last time I checked (The last time I was on) and now its this major build''? I was very surprised (to be honest) and then I realised I should make a forum post to inform everyone. So yah thats what I have to say. I will say though that I cannot wait till move flag gets set to true by Krysyy and also I thought new arenas would come along but it seems Normal pvp hasn't gotten new arenas which I really am not concerned about as we got new arenas about 2 weeks ago which is something I am proud of. I would though like to see Kyrsyy and the staff develop some new pvp arenas for blue and Black... Not suggesting just sharing my thoughts :p. But yah heres a screenshot.
    I would also like to point out some of my thoughts. I reckon this new pvp arenas that has levels (as shown on the pic.) will be pvp fair and another pvp design. I am not 100% sure as I nor anyone has seen the new pvp but only the staff team. So Yep thats all I gotta say :). Happy Pvp'ing in less than 24 hours guys. I know I will be there as everyone knows and I've said this multiple times before, Pvp is my life :)

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  2. Oh wow that's cool. I'm sold.
  3. I'm not huge on PvP, but the build is quite cool. :)
  4. That is 100% true snowybearr. But even so you may have to try PvP. It's cool stuff. Maybe give it a shot 1 day if you know what I mean :p
  5. Cool indeed
  6. Wow, that looks cool!

    Pun intended?
  7. how about we get an early opening?
  8. ahaha lolol.
    I know right? Thats what I want from Krysyy..
  9. looks to be a total of 16 arenas now
    one underground level and three above ground levels with four arenas each
  10. The Arenas AND the outside look wonderful :D can't wait till 5pm!!
  11. Aussie I think I know what we will be doing today :)
  12. Lol xD