The Near EMC Future

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  1. So, in the new Mineraft Snapshot released by Mojang, a few new things were introduced.

    • Silk Touch now WORKS for Ice and Glass Panes
    • Books now require 3 paper and 1 leather to be made
    • Books are now editable if you combine a Book with an Ink Sac and a Feather
    • Slabs are now colored and act more like wood in that they mine faster with an axe
    I believe this opens up a new EMC possibility for "Barnes 'n Noble" type stores, as players can now write books and book series that can be sold to other players in-game, such as Suzanne Collins selling "The Hunger Games" IRL. This could extend the economy much further as players could mass produce books to be sold out around the servers and trade hands creating an essential element to life and Minecraft. However, the problem that this poses is tracking each book. I fear that for JustinGuy to have the game generate a random code for each book and have it sell would stress each server too much, so these books may have to be sold by hand instead of by Chest Shops.
    I would love to see what all of you, including JustinGuy and the admins/mods have to see about this.
  2. I would love to have some book stores! If we can, I would add a bookshop onto my res! :)
  3. This whole idea is incredible. Minecraft just got WAY more amazing.

    Next they need to add "bookshelves". Now I know they have them, but you should be able to have books sitting on shelves. So if someone wanted to buy them, they could see the book, and it wouldn't be in a chest.

    This should also be implemented for other items as well.
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  4. I have a way to get around the coding issues. People make one shop per book. Once the book is bought, the shop is taken down, unless you made more then one copy, which I doubt anyone will.
  5. The first thing they will do is force all players in town to have a rulebook on buttons 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0

    Then they can thing about making more "funny" stuff.
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  6. I didn't even think of that! Copies of the Empire Guide for Everyone! :D
  7. or you could just make a mail system with a chest on your res and once a week you get the EMC news:D
  8. You could copy and paste if they let you do that, that would be awesome for printing books. I could get rich making a printing press and writing stories!
  9. I could get rich editing books and put memes in them!
  10. Just know, you can not get away with putting filth into these books and then claiming someone else wrote it. It is signed by the player who wrote it so no one can be framed. :)
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  11. Well you guys take real books and put memes into them, I will make my own stories.
  12. no I mean put funny pics into them so people can lol in-game:D
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  13. I think you can only put text.
  14. So I can't make a shop selling erotic novels?
  15. Text memes? I see them all the time :D they just take forever to make.. Unless you get a mod for the new mc that allows your to copy and paste stuff.. NEW MOD COPY 'N' PASTER! I'm going to make millions!!! jk.
  16. Submit your work to my Inbox. I will let you know if it is any good. ;)
    *Please don't actually do it....
  17. You can paste into books, but not copy already entered data.
    This means it would be best to write a story in a word processor, then paste it into the book, which is then saved by entering the book name and pressing save. You cannot edit already made books either I believe, but at least the paste feature lets you create multiple books which are identical.

    Your username is also automatically entered into the 'Author' position, which means we can always tell who wrote it, there is no way around this, so players can't frame others. ;)
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  18. thats means greifers will still have to use signs to leave creepy notes:)
  19. Yes. I foresaw this and realized Justin wouldn't have to code around putting themes/vulgar language in books because if someone bought such a book try could give the book to justinguy or another mod.
  20. the besterest way to catch griefers YAY!:D