The monthly olympic games!

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Will you be able attend one of these?

Yes 14 vote(s) 58.3%
I will be asleep :P 2 vote(s) 8.3%
At work :( 3 vote(s) 12.5%
Other 5 vote(s) 20.8%
  1. Arena:
    100% done
    Residence: 11464
    You have 5 seconds to pile up on blocks above the bar{potions allowed}
    Jump the furthest {potions allowed, horses allowed}
    First to cross the finish line 100 blocks from start {no potions}
    First to cross the finish line 200 blocks from start {no potions}
    First to cross the finish line 3000 metres away {no potions}
    First to cross the finish line whilst fighting through soulsand, iced soulsand and webs! {no potions}
    First to swim a length and back {potions allowed}
    First to reach point #2 from point #1 in a boat {potions won't affect this :)}
    First to work their way down the bumpy course in a boat {potions won't affect this :)}
    Highest score achieved with 3 arrows onto a target using a bow{potions won't affect this :)}
    All the games will be held at 2pm EMC time
    9th of November
    9th of December
    9th of January
    9th of February
    9th of March
    More to come
    PM me ingame if you want to apply {1k pay per event}
    416 chiselled red sandstone {SEPTHEKID}
    Half a DC of glass {Eviltoade}
    64 polished diorite {HannahBB_710}
    Chiseled redstone sandstone {Patr1cV}
    192 polished diorite {MissFable}
    Please mail me donations
    Donations needed:
    50% of prize pool for event
    30% of prize pool for event
    20% of prize pool for event
    Donated prizes:
    Mail them to me and specify it's for the olympics :D
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  2. 9th November Olympic Overview
    Winner: Todd_Vinton/Enterprises
    Overview: A fairly high turnout for the first time, was lacking judges due to most not turning up but you can't do too much about that. I had to go half way through so not all events was completed, completely my fault as I should have started earlier. But hey! It was a busy day with it being by birthday and such. Hope all who attended it enjoyed it
    9th December Olympic Overview
    Winner: No-one
    Turnout of 0. Thanks for everyone who came and appreciated how much time and effort goes into this, you guys are the best
    9th January Olympic Overview
    9th February Olympic Overview
    9th March Olympic Overview
  3. Sounds fun

    I'll see what I can get
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  4. BUMP! Added event descriptions :)
  5. BUMP! Work has started!
  6. Sounds fun! I will try to attend one.

    Are we allowed to use depth strider boots?
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  7. For swimming?
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  8. No, for jumping. :p Yes, for swimming. Nub.
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  9. Nub
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  10. Ok.
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  11. BUMP! Should we have teams?
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  12. How will you check the winners of the long jump? Even if you record with 60fps it might be hard to see who won with just a bit of lag. (and we all know horses can causes more than a bit of lag)
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  13. Will be a bit hard but we will try our best :)
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  14. How are you going to judge the sprints and the short jump?

    - I foresee sprints coming to a close call between 2 or more players, and there's essentially no way to tell unless you record from the finish line at 60fps and look for pixel perfect details - and then people would start complaining because on their screen, they won, even though it could have been that way for them because of lag and nobody else saw it like that.

    - The short jump is going to be a nightmare to judge. There is a limit of how far you can jump in minecraft, and it's just barely over 4 meters. How are you going to tell who jumped farther, especially after you have to take into account they probably also moved a bit after they landed because they were hitting their sprint key while jumping. I don't understand at all how this one will be judged. An idea is to make a dropper arena of sorts - like you have to jump off a platform and get to the bottom without hitting any of the obstacles on the way down. This would be MUCH easier to judge because you could just have a piston contraption lock up the win zone after one player gets to it and you'd have your winner.

    Just some thoughts ;)
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  15. Ill come to these and compete ;)

    Maybe Ill do the one on National Llama's day :D ( December 9th )
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  16. I might be 30 minutes late would I still make some of the events?
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  17. Some good points there, the sprints are going to be fairly long and should be judgeable. I will take into account your second idea :)
    Yes, not sure yet until we try but should go on for 1.5 hoursish
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  18. But how much deviation can you have in running and jumping? Surely there won't be that much of a difference in the final time of all the contestants unless they like accidentally release a button or something.
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