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  1. ok guys this is my first time posting ok lets get into topic, well you know pvp, you know the maze runner if yes and your a mod/staff thats great cause in smp7 i wana start up a maze runner pvp thing AND its with the custom mob i think it would be great because heaps of people like pvp right? and some people like mazes right? and people like the custom mobs right? soplease comment if YOU want this to happen because its great and fun.
  2. Is your first language english? I can't understand entirely what your saying. I can understand the gist of it though
  3. Yes! Love the maze runner (obviously) and I have a wild outpost on smp7 too :DDDDD
  4. Yes! I want it to happen, But how?
  5. Theoretically it could be made to work, but you'd need the help of senior staff for it because PVP doesn't really exist on the Empire. Which is also why I'd be careful here because I don't think PVP based ideas are bound to work. Of course surprises can happen.

    If you want to give it a serious shot then either start by contacting staff about your ideas to ask them about it or build a rough design and then ask staff about it.

    But always keep one thing in mind: PVP isn't a big thing on EMC. So personally I don't think that the odds are in your favor, but who knows...

    The main thing I'd look out for is to make absolutely sure that your build cannot be (easily) abused by other players. You know; you trick someone to enter the "PVP area", then kill them while they're unprepared and then steal their items.
  6. if you want it to happen we need to tell kyssy and other mods but first we need to VOTE
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  7. Not necessarily. The Empire Staff always look at the suggestion box, so they'll come across this eventually and tell if it'll be implemented or not.
  8. Vote? Vote with what?

    Personally, I am not a fan. Mainly, it is because I do not understand what exactly you are suggesting.
    But from what I see, I think you want the following:
    • A Maze Runner Map
    • PVP on this map
    It seems a bit too much like The Hunger Games to me and I am not a fan of it. I do not think this will be happening.
    Do not let this stop you from making more suggestions though!
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  9. Well i guess but as you know this was my first time posting but i thought i would give it a try
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  10. I was considering making a maze runner server the other day, still am :p. If you do go ahead i would love to help
  11. Wow what a surprise. I AM currently building this event. Do /wildwest to see it(go thru the nether portal. However, since im not staff, I can't enable pvp, mobs, or damage :(