The Mall at 14531 by caseyrae18 [smp7]

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  1. The Mall at 14531 by caseyrae18
    to visit, just type "/v 14531" on smp7

    Shop Sections: Minerals/Ores, Wood, Stone, Utilities, Other Blocks, Clay, Wool, Glass, Dyes, Decor, Animals, Mob Drops, Weapons/Armor, and Tools

    This mall is a huge improvement to my old shop on smp7. Built by jwalker8822, it is built efficiently and still coordinates with my shops' typical colors and materials.
    Not only that, but we've completely reorganized everything into familiar sections for you to be able to find what you need the quickest way possible and we've included more opportunities to sell your items to me!

    In this mall, you will find most everything you may need. Can't find it? Just ask or even buy the materials to make that particular item!
    We've hand-picked the items available according to sell rates and such from the last shop.

    I am up-to-date on the average prices of my items throughout all of EMC's sub-servers and I do my best to give my customers the best price possible considering.

    We are also online daily restocking the shop the ensure that you can buy what you're looking for!

    Feel free to stop on by and even ask us questions!
  2. Grand Opening Event!
    The mall will be opening at approximately 6pm EST.
    I will be giving away a FREE diamond block to the first customer!
  3. How did you make it into a gif?
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  4. nice that looks awesome

    you can make gifs easily by using photoshop and/or other softwares
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  5. Awesome :) I'll be sure to be there! Great mall by 2 great people :)
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  6. Yep, I used photoshop myself. But, there are plenty of websites that you can go to and just upload separate pictures and set the delay and it'll generate it for you. Just type in like "Gif maker" or something.
  7. :eek: I'm so excited to have it done and open soon.

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  8. I am going to give a dragon frag to whoever spends the most money after the grand opening! Casey will let me know who it was.
  9. ^ That will be from 6pm to 610pm. Whoever spends the most will get it.
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  10. It was a really great event and thank you everyone for coming to the grand opening!
    Our winners were:
    BailiB - first customer, diamond block
    SteamedEcko - most spent (25k) in 10 mins, dragon stone fragment
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  11. I couldn't make it due to religious purposes lol
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  12. --NEW FEATURE--

    Casey's new mall has been a hit! Now even though she doesn't have TO MANY more items then the old shop, it seems a lot more people are coming and buying from this one? Some days she is super busy trying to keep up with the stock as people are buying. So we decided to start letting people sell us stock using the sell signs! We prefer this method over buying bulk because there is no interaction or negotiations its quick and easy.

    So with all that being said....If you shop at Casey's or support her shop please come and sell from time to time. Its a quick easy way to make a little money. No its not top dollar but she doesn't charge top dollar for most items anyway. If you do a build and have a few extra stacks of clay come and sell it! Done making that glass pyramid? Still have extra glass? Come sell it! She buys ALMOST everything. The only things that she doesn't buy are items that she gets free or super easy.

    Most Mob Drops
    Most Redstone Items
    Most Utilities
    Other Building Blocks
    Some Dyes
    Some Decor
    Some Animal Eggs

    NOTE: All chest limit the amount that can be sold in order to prevent breaking our budget.
    If you have an item you want to sell and the chest is full try another time please!
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  13. A very organized mall from some very great people! Everyone should shop here :)
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  14. --EVENT--

    Okay so me and Casey decided to sponsor and hold and event at the shop tonight!
    This event has 8 total prizes! 6 Dragon Frags and 2 Taste Of freedom Meats!


    We will hide each item in a random chest at the shop.
    The FIRST person to make a purchase from one of these chest
    wins the item thats hidden in it. Simple as that....


    The event starts at 8PM EST tonight!

    In order to participate you must post "I'M IN!" in this thread before 8PM EST.
    (Anyone who says they are in after the event has started (8PM EST) don't count. Sorry...)

    Anyone who starts buying before the event starts does not count.

    The event does not end until all the items have been won! (Each item will be in a different chest)

    If buying gets to out of hand we may have to look at the Rupee History to make sure we
    have the right winner. So please be patient and do not blow up the chat. The less chaos we
    have in the chat the easier it will be to see who is buying what.

    We will write down each chest the items are located in. As a person wins we will write down there
    name. So you may not be announced as a winner until the end. The reason for this is so we can keep
    our eyes on the screen at who is buying what. Again patients my friend patients!

    Have a good time! /v 14531 SMP7
  15. I'M IN
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  16. I'm in :)
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  17. I'M IN!
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  18. I'm in!
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  19. woooo im in
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  20. Tell your friends portal we are fighting for entries! lol
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