The Lol'ing At All The Club's Club

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  1. this is totally not to fuel the flames or anything "wink wink"
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  2. Hmm, would this mean you would oppose me if I made a PRO_G4NGST4 C_1_U_B? :p
  3. You are just mad that you can't join the Legit Klub.
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  4. Of course not, we believe you...
  5. When I try to make a club, with what I thought was a good idea, this happens.
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  6. You can make any club you please,just know I will be lol'ing at it
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  7. I belong to over 45 exclusive clubs!
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  8. Each of your clubs that are exclusive say anyone can join.
  9. Never thought speculating that Cordial and Soul have some sort of club would lead to all this :rolleyes: