The Legit Klub

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  1. Club, spelt with a K, to make it legit.

    Applications to join?

    Are you Mrlegitislegit:
    If no, come back when Mrlegitislegit
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  2. I am more legit than Mrlegitislegit.
  3. Your name is not legit.
  4. does not matter, im more legit.
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  5. Um... lol. Then how can you be a member? You're not Mregitislegit.
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  6. How so?
  7. < *clears throat* Epic profile picture over here!
    What about meh?
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  8. You did not notice that...
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  9. Wow, thanks for adding me!
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  10. If I change my surname to Legitislegit, do I get in?
  11. Do we get to complain and say "no" alot? ;)
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  12. It looks odd with LegitisLegit. Maybe his name is MrLegit and so it would be something like this:
    72voltisLegit, PandasisLegit etc.
  13. L0tadslegit
  14. Interesting sig. I would definitely say that bullying is violence. Not sure I would go so far as murder.
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  15. If you mean saying what you think about something, yes.

    Heck no, not Legit enough.
  16. jtc0999islegit
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  17. Curundu
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  18. May I join your legit klub your legitness?
  19. Lols he is copying your exclusive club. So prolly not. :confused:
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