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Your Favorite EMC Moment/day?

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  1. Exactly 1 year ago today, I joined the empire. But before I embarked my journey on this great server, I used to play a different server for about 1 and a half on there but then that host decided to call it quits on server hosting. So then I began searching out joining many servers to see which one had that unique touch but great community as well. Then I stumbled on a Link on some forum for EMC. I clicked that, and it was a photo gallery of EMC, showing all of its buildings and players. So then I opened up minecraft and chose the latest emc server at the time : SMP2.
    I started out as all players in the Tutorial, I noticed it was well built and TONS of plugin coding put into this since it had that point reach thing when you passed each right question it would reward you, and I've just never seen a thing on another server. So after finishing, There I was , didn't know what to do next but I knew I had to claim a plot. So Then I claimed plot 3222 as my first. Started out by planting trees and getting cobblestone from the wilderness. Built the foundation for my small house. I then Thought, "So i just build on this and thats it?" then i noticed there was a currency system. The Key ingredient to EMC. So i decided to start a log shop. built a small wooden shack store, and sold logs and saps, Cobblestone came later. At the time, There was really no other big shops to spend your rupees at besides Roja22. Basically the first buy all essentials store on smp2 at the time. I spent most of earnings there. Then i decided to expand my residence from its small coop and killed all the mooshroom i had living there. Built a Giant wooden tower with bridges and all to the small 4 towers surrounding it. and there it was, My first logging Co. I then built 4 levels of tree farm below it and mades tons of rupees by selling those logs. Then a person named EEjester came along. He offered me a plot to help expand his casino to 3 themes, Ice, Fire, and Some Reg Hotel. This was before silk touch worked on ice so i had to make each layer of the res by freezing water. Took ages. So i burned down my old res and moved to start this ice structure(res 3021). Pretty soon I got bored of that and began to live in the wild. One day I came back to town and a random player by the name of Nole972 sent me a private message to go to his res. So I went. He told me that I have all perms on his res, I asked why, He said i trust you. At first I thought this was a little odd. So then I started to talk to nole alot and he told me that one day he will become a supporter and build a shop of his own.(Later that dream came true for him). At around the same time, The first Mega store of Leowaste opened. Then the empire opened Smp3. Everyone came to this store since it had everything you needed. I still hated my ice res and I reset it. then a update for jungle trees came out and decided to make a giant jungle tree house. made a lapis with gold block wall around it too. As soon as that got boring, I began to /v random. I stumbled upon a tower shop with 5 large biome like bubbles at the top, it turned out to be a shop owned by AlexChance. I really liked this design so much. I then wanted to build something neat and large and somewhat unique so it can stand out from the rest. But i had this burden of a jungle tree res. Then I met Secretazneks. He had the Diamond in the Rough Tower also a shop too. He offered me a Spot Near the spawn, So then i torched my old res again and moved. This new res 3118 where I am at now, I wanted it to be Modern Style with something tall that can be seen anywhere. I had this Tower Idea but it was too vague so I began to build it on single player. added some texture to it and wa la, I had the perfect design.
    I built the first tower, Took ages to see how it would look like in the town . Looked neat. 3 more to go. Then I began to sell off all the materials i didn't need. Made tons of rupees by getting rid of all that stuff. Used that money to build the rest of the towers, it wasn't enough. Had to go to the wild and start mining . Slowly and sure enough the money came. and then a player named Shooter00 quit and gave me 20k so now i had the money to fund this build. Once it was done, i reopened the res. Long story short, i became a gold supporter for a little while , lived in Utopia Wild, Claimed my 2nd res 3076. Build another design. Long ways now, Selling has proven to be a good source of income and still is, Like selling to the shops. There is alot of stuff i left out or else this post would be a novel. I am currently still living on smp2 at 3118, and Got to say this has been one wild ride. Met a ton of nice players on the way. Too bad some of them quit/got banned but There are still some that play.

    Special Thanks to Players i met along the way : Roja22, Nole972, AlexChance, Leowaste, Secretazneks, Onaj, xvxproxvx, shooter00, powerhouse118, aydoh, EEjester, HayleyColgan, and so many more that the list never ends.

    Ill post old pictures later on this post!
    Story over.
  2. now i had better read that big wall o' text.

    EDIT: great story, most people dont remember all this as well as you do.
  3. ...amazing....

    im not on the list??
  4. Wow... Congrats on a year!
    I feel proud for reading all that :)
  5. Big wall of text :confused:
  6. Sorry for the late congrats south!
  7. ^ like onaj said ... um... Welcome to the Empire :D
  8. I remember crashing in on you when you were strip mining a stronghold during the 1.0.0 days.
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  9. LOLLol I remember that. I cleaned that place
  10. I couldnt break the big wall of text.
  11. Good old times! I remember going to your res that was far away and taking some of your mushrooms and some cows for free and having to walk them to my res with wheat. The real challenge was having to take them without anyone hijacking one. (This was before eggifying ever existed).
  12. 1 Year from then... You have become rich, famous, and made good friends along the way :D and is one of my favorite people!
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