The "Just as Good" Old Days

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  1. Hey guys, as of today I am a bit over 700 days on EMC and it got me thinking about what it was like almost two years ago when I joined. As tribute, I am creating this thread to kind of pay tribute to the EMC of old. Post below ONE thing that has changed for the better or worse since you have joined the server.
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  2. I distinctly remember being rescued in the wild by someone from town, at that time though I was able to use Global Chat. When I joined EMC there was no set chat for wild communications (Local Chat).
  3. Dragon Tombs oh wait...

    I do remember the olden days of... SMP3. I remember when SMP3 was the server you were supposed to join, 'cause it was the newest. (god, i'm old)
  4. Yes, definitely SMP3. d1223m had a giant castle that he used as a shop, the floor was patterned with rainbow wool, and the colors would lead you to the item type...First time anyone ever did something like that on EMC.
  5. I remember going to the wild with a guy to the LLO... He turned out to want to grief it so I headed back home... But I did not make it home alive. But still everything was awesome back then.
  6. I was on SMP1 earlier talking to my friend who just had his 600th day and then a newer player called him old, and he responded with "noob". I am 300 days old and my 300th day is tomorrow. Does that make this my mid life crisis? Congrats on 700, biscutboy.
  7. remember ./fun? I don't think anyone does anymore :(
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  8. I remember /fun
    I remember when ICC became senior staff.
  9. I remember being inspired to build a wild base, form looking at aikar on the live map in his base before he was a staff member.

    Also when smp9 was bran new and unexplored, and when I first got iron supporter because the servers where all ways full.
  10. That has gone now :( I think it was 6033
    I do :)

    I used to play smp3 alot
  11. I remember the old days of smp7, when Belugh and Dreamy's 14141 was in its prime, and finding wild animals roaming around and pushing them back to my res to eggify them.
  12. I remember when you had to either herd animals with wheat (all animals would follow wheat) or use the /buy (may have been /shop) command.
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  13. I remember when I joined they still had chicken egg problems...
    In the tutorial...
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  14. haha.... And chickens: the main reason entity limiter was created.

    was /purchase animal :p
  15. I remember lots of things.
    One thing particularly: I still hadn't finished my mall.
  16. I started off on Smp3, still on smp3 :D
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  17. I remember that... I had gotten hundreds of animals that way.
  18. Anyone remember d1223m from Smp3? how he had that amazing castle shop?
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  19. I am very glad that the 1.3 bugs are long gone.
    Where pistons would stay stuck open and where you would randomly lose your items in inventory and chests, crazy lag.

    /waste and /nether waste are amazing additions !
    Also head drops and Bungeechord and multiple /vault pages are sweet additions.
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  20. I really believe 1.3 was one of the major reasons we lost a lot of members, really hoping we can get them to come back and see how stable EMC is for the most part now!

    The good news is, I now have the experience to help understand and fix issues like 1.3 gave us, where as back then I had just started and had no clue how to fix those things...