The iUlti Outpost

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  1. This is a thread about my wilderness outpost.

    The base is called the iUlti Outpost. This is a private outpost that Brennan117876 and I started in October of 2013.

    Owner and founder: Ultimamaxx
    Co-owner: Zackinblack
    Co-founder: Brennan117876 (mysteriously disappeared)
    Builders: Ultimamaxx and Zackinblack
    Other members of the base: Baadgamer, MyriadTruth, bringmeacloud, and tuqueque

    Since the base is visually appealing, I'll post a tour of it below.

    Feel free to take a look at this super awesome and amazing tour with pictures that I set up for you guys. Even though the panoramas were all automated (photoshop made the panoramas for me), it still took a looong time to create this thread.

    This is what it looks like after you go through the nether portal.

    The entrance to the main building

    The main room

    Another view of the main room

    The main hall (with one room)

    The end of that hallway.

    My room (as well as two other people's rooms).. the left side is XXredneck4x4XX's side and the side to the right is my side of the room.

    Part of the main room, as well as the enchanting room and the other hallway.

    The brewing room

    The turning point of the other hallway - to the left is another room and the exit; to the right is back to the nether portal area.

    Where you end up when you keep going down the hallway - the dock and the stairs that lead to the tree farm

    The end of the hallway, the stables, the stairs to the tree farm, and a tiny bit of the gold farm in the sky.

    Up the stairs to the tree farm

    The dock, the unappealing farms I didn't build, the beacons, and whatever else there is here.

    From the nether portal room and up the stairs

    An overview of the main outside part (I had to jump to take this one)

    The eastern exit.. nothing special, really

    The western exit - this one has the tree farm, rail to the gold farm, and stone generator outside of it

    The railroad to the gold farm

    The gold farm; the very wide angle shows how big it is. It's about 74x74x94 and currently contains 184 23x23 nether portals.. using up about four double chests... the finished product will be 74x74x94, with 828 23x23 portals.. all using up about 16.2 double chests of obsidian.

    Hopefully you guys checked out the tour, because the gold farm is one of the greatest things about the outpost!
  2. reserved for no purpose like everyone else does
  3. Hmmm I think I saw this before
  4. Wow! That gold farm is awesome!
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  5. updated the original post to include members of the base
  6. Nice.
    How did you warp your view like that ?
    P.S. you can lock your beacon with a sign, if you want.
  7. I took five screenshots, put them into photoshop, and then made the panorama by choosing the does it automatically.
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  8. I am bumping this thread due to future updates that will come soon :)
  9. I'm very late with this update. I recorded this video on Thanksgiving of the video, I get a private message from someone telling me "merry turkey day" or something like that. Anyway, here is the video. I hope you guys enjoy :)

    The gold farm is also REALLY close to being completed, but it is slowing down due to the lack of materials and interest (I'm too lazy).

    Note: The gold farm IS finished. The upgrade is not. The upgrade increases the size of the gold farm (and hope fully production) by NINE TIMES. :D

    I have no idea if the video works or not or if it's just me.
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  10. it looks amazing.
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  11. I am bumping this so more people can view this thread. More changes are to come soon. :)
  12. are yall taking any new members
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  13. We will start looking for new members as the outpost grows :)

    ps: idk when
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  14. Dat gold farm is amazing :eek:
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