The invasion has begun

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  1. Ok.

    We're here. My kids and I all play... and we've moved to EMC after wandering and looking for a good smp server. We range in age from 9 to way too freaking old. I'm the head of the nerd herd, but they've been every bit as much active as me. Our outpost in the fronter on SMP3 is established. Our pack includes builders, explorers, flower pickers, farming fanatics, and creeper-hole creators. (and not fillers!) Myself, pokeguys, daweaselgeek, and sweetsilverowl are the accounts we play on.

    Feel free to say hi. If you want to come visit us... let me know. we have an uber-secret route to the Necropolis we started.

    Looking forward to seeing/meeting you all in the events!

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  2. Welcome to the Empire! It's always great to see families play together. :)
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  3. Hey there FuzzyWeasel, and welcome to the Empire! If you have any questions then feel free to ask!
  4. Hey! Welcome to the Empire!

    This is a great community to establish yourself in. :)

    I would recommend SMP4, by the way.
  5. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  6. Welcome to EMC :).

    We have a great family place here, make sure you stick around on the forums!
  7. Welcome! I hope you all have fun here! Come visit me too! Its just me... (Sigh)
  8. Welcome to EMC
  9. Welcome to the Empire Fuzzy. I also have an established outpost on smp3. Great to see family's playing together. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  10. Welcome to the empire !! Glad to have you and the team aboard
  11. Welcome to the empire!
  12. Haha, loved the intro! The whole family playing together sounds like loads of fun. I think you guys will fit in wonderfully on any SMP!
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  13. The Walrus Welcomes this Family to EMC!

    *cough* comeliveonsmp2or8 *cough*
  14. Welcome to the Empire, I hope you guys have a blast! :)
  15. Welcome to the empire! :)
    Sounds great, I hope you all have fun on here!