The Imperial Library

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  1. Why hello Empire-peoples!
    Today I want to unveil a few details on a project I intend on starting.
    A respiratory for knowledge and literature for all servers.
    There will be numerous levels, including a main shop for the SMP1 Bookstore, and smaller sections for authors to rent and sell their own books for profit.

    Finished on Creative!
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  2. darn. i would tell you what it should look like but then it won't be original for me :p
    you could always make a giant (8) diameter pit to the bottom with random indents and extrusions and hanging glowstone and a spiral staircase and guard rail indented and stuff, and a spiral indentation down the entire pit.
    oh and did i mention that all the walls are bookshelves?
  3. A castle...
  4. That sorta sounds like this for some reason:

    I don't think so, I've never liked castles in Minecraft.
  5. make a giant bookcase out of blocks :p
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  6. that's not exactly what i was getting at but yeah, that would be way cooler than a pit lol
  7. Just copy AlexChance's mall, everyone else is doing it.
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  8. copying is not original...but i do say i may go to smp1 often a
    gain for this (i live on smp6):)
  9. Were you there when the SMP6 Bookstore was up? I moved to 1 because of the lack of exposure.
    Also, I've came up with what I will do, here is what I have on SC so far.
    Central Chamber
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  10. Add some cafés in there. :)
    Some places for people to lounge and read the books.
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  11. I was going to suggest making it look Chinese on the outside hence the name Imperial Library
  12. I was going to suggest making it look Chinese on the outside hence the name Imperial Library
  13. ahe*Ecilpsy*emm
  14. Well I have a design for a library in my SP map, but atm I'm connected from my father's laptop because my computer has officially died, so... :(
  15. There is a couch section,but it's obscured by the pillar. I will add more on the outside of the Central Chamber.
    I'm iffy on the cafe, it's like the Library of Congress. There will also be a gift shop.
    Imperial means: Of or relating to an empire.
    And when did this happen exactly?
  16. 4:27 pm
  17. I like the idea of people selling their own books in the library maybe make some stands built into the wall and people could rent them out and sell their own books their.
  18. More screenshots!
    Main Hall: Outside

    Main Hall: Interior

    Central Chamber
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