The Imperial City, A Militia Project

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  1. It has always been a goal to make a city from one of my favorite games of all time: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

    The Imperial City is the largest in the game but also has the most. I plan on making it 305 blocks wide, I've built this in creative but, I need tons of the following supplies.


    If you could donate any of the items above or wish to volunteer your time and labor, PLEASE POST HERE!


    If you want to donate let me know and I'll set up an access chest for you on 18798 SMP9.

    Special Thanks to: kritacul, actanonverba1994, and queendiva1 for their help :)
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  2. 2 days progress
  3. looks neat, but I am quite a miser, so i won't donate dirt. (it's this weird obsession i have) if i get my charcoal production set up again i can donate tons of torches.

  4. 4 days progress just about got the front wall for the Talos District done.
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  5. Dude....yes. I can hook u up with some stone and help you out if u need it.
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  6. Why I'm not looking for any workers to build, I do need people to help flatten land and since I want to keep this hidden till I'm either near completion or completed if you do want to help buy supporter/supporter voucher so you can /map hide.

    Also dirt is a major need right now
  7. Map hide is now available to everyone. Build looks great so far :)
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  8. Is this protected already? With that much good stuff I sense griefers. Lol
  9. *Mind Blown*
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  10. Hrm, this has been considered which is why Im am trying my hardest not to show anything to reveal my location
  11. Wow this looks really good, if you need oak wood, I have tons

    Edit: I would love to join this when it's completed are you accepting members?
  12. Once we have at least 80% completed (leaving pretty much the arena and small details left) We'll be accepting members, but right now we haven't gotten the Talos Plaza done and it's been about a week...
  13. Hey what res can i drop off some dirt for you at?
  14. I'll be setting up some chests on my alt's acc very soon.
  15. Yesterday's pics already got a ton today so I will post pics tomorrow (been doing every other day pics so...)

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  16. Looks awesome!
  17. This is one dope project.
  18. Thanks now if I can only keep it alive.
  19. Tip for keeping something alive: never have a zero day.
    It doesn't matter if the only thing you do is place one block on a construction project, as long as you aren't left doing nothing.
    That applies to a lot of things in life. Always do something.
  20. *breaks out notepad*

    Always do something
    Never do nothing
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