The Hunger Games Event Preparation - By AlexHallon

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  1. Hello there, dear Empire Minecrafters!
    There has been a lot of talk about the new movie (and the old books), The Hunger Games.
    I watched the movie and read the books.
    It was really awesome!
    What I'm thinking about is a big event.
    We will recreate the THG Arena on a different server.
    And that's where all of you guys come in!
    Alot of our fellow players likes to PvP, but there are no PvP (except for Spleef Arenas) in EMC.
    So, why don't we take 2 players from each server, and then put them in our brand-new THG Arena?
    You send an application to my email, and I put you in a lottery, like in The Hunger Games!
    There will be a Male and a Female from each server in the Arena.
    Just like in the Books/Movie, they will be dropped in the middle of our arena.
    There will be a few chests with items around them, and that's the only place where they can get the items.
    All of it would be recorded.
    However, there are only some items that they could choose to send-all at different prices.
    With their resources, the Players would have to defeat eachother.
    Just like close to the end of the Movie/Book, the players from each server are in teams.
    Each server will get a skin with their server's number on, and also a different color for each server.

    Each player can edit the head's of their skins if they wish too ^_^.
    When only 1 server have player's that's not killed, that server wins.
    There will be a Drop Party in that server with different items (quantity/quality depends on donations).
    Also, there are prizes :D

    Donation Thread:

    To join, simply copy this and send it to

    1: IGN

    2: Server (smp1/smp2/smp3)

    3: Residence Number

    4: Gender (Male/Female)

    5: Any Survival experience?

    6: Are you good at Running and Parkours?

    7: Wich weapons are you the best at: Swords, Bow, Flint and Steel or Unarmed?

    Everyone, except for GameHolders, Server Hoster(s) and Filmers/Recordes may join.

    Filmers/Recorders (You might get paid): Thestar19, YOU12MAEC, Frodomann1, _Stads_ (We need more of them!)
    Server hosted by (You might get paid): Joshposh70
    GameHolders: AlexHallon, Makrom1, IamSaj, Chascarillo, Mastermind205

    You may also apply to become a GameHolder:

    1: IGN

    2: Server

    3: Have you read any THG books? If yes, wich?

    4: Have you watched the THG Movie?

    Or apply to be a PeaceKeeper :D

    1: IGN

    2: Have you read any THG books? If yes, wich?

    3: Have you watched the THG Movie?

    4: What is your Server? (smp1/smp2/smp3 etc.)

    5: Are you a Soldier or Police in real life?

    6: Are you good at PvP?

    I hope that everyone understands, if anything is unclear, just tell me!
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  2. Im in as Filmer
  3. could you make the text red I cant read it on my phone :/
  4. the red makes it look like your mad:/ may i suggest lime green instead?:D
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  5. it isn't lime green, it is Creeper green ;)
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  6. this is a sweet idea i would volunteer myself for smp5 like the girl did in the book/movie. We need this to happen. Soon!
  7. Do you have a good Recording Software that you could use?

    Send an application :).
  8. Also, guys, sorry, but I won't change my Text-Color-Thing.
    Red is my favourite color.
    Or would you like black or maybe even dark grey instead?
    Nah just joking, I won't change =P
  9. 2 People in the Lottery!
    Hope that more of you guys come =)
  10. I'm now starting to make the skins, i hope to get them done today!
  11. Guys, what do you think about this?
    It's not done yet, but I think I will do similair to this.
    Just want to know what you guys think ;).

    Removed it, thanks all for testing!

    Please download it and wear it to check it out!
    But don't keep it, or I'll get you....
  12. Why no Utopia servers?
  13. I have fraps?
  14. Not sure, actully....
    I think I'll add it =P
  15. Are you good with it?
    Do you own a real version or a "Trial-Thing"?
    Give me facts! =P
  16. good bcuz i have a server on utopia plz add it
  17. Make utopia's color light-blue
  18. Real version = I payed for it :D
  19. My e-mail doesnt work so im going to PM u ok?
  20. Ok, you can a Filmer/Recorder then!

    That works just fine ;).