The Hitchhiker's Guide To Empire Minecraft

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  1. Since 1.3 is rolling in soon, and we'll finally have writable books, I came up with an idea. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Empire Minecraft. If you've never read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I suggest you read it, as it will give you a good idea what the book would be like, and t's also a VERY good read. The idea is that the book is a collection of numerous, err.. I'll just call them contributions. Anyway, the contributions would be on both information about Minecraft, advice, the EMC community,and anything else that fits. It wouldn't be an encyclopedia, but more of a collection of both knowledge, and opinions. I do seriously suggest you read the book to get a better idea.


    -Keep your contribution appropriate
    -Make sure your contribution is accurate
    -Keep on task, don't ramble to far
    -Don't be dull, add your own "wisdom" to the entry
    -Be aware your entry may be combined with another if two or more people write about the same subject
    -Use common sense
    If you contribute here are the incentives
    -Name in Table of Contributers
    -Number of contributions listed
    -Residence and Server listed

    EXAMPLE: Minecraft Username (SMP0: 34567) [3]

    Sorry there isn't any bigger incentive's, I'm not exactly in a position to pay.

    WEBSITE, Submit your contributions here!!home/mainPage
    Do to an error with the website submission form, just PM me any contributions you have. Thank you.
  2. Not sure if anybody noticed, but the website is ready, see above post for details.
  3. When building in the EMC wild go WAY far out or you will be griefed. And lock your chests it will save you alot of hair pulling.
  4. I love the Hitchikers guide, I will definetly buy a copy from you!
  5. It'd actually just be an in-game book, I suspect the total would be about 100 rupees considering the costs of creating the book. I also think that it could be maybe 2, 3, maybe even 4 books, dependent on how many contributions I get.
  6. Good, that's a nice start, it would have to be larger of course, the subject could be griefing, or wild... If you can make more please post it to the website.
  7. Nice idea, If Justin wasn't planning to give out a in game guide to every player I beleive.....
  8. It's not the Empire Guide, it's much, much, more then that.
  9. I've decided to add an example entry, so you sort of know what the contributions would be like.

    The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Empire Minecraft

    Entry-Example: Banning [SparerToaster]

    Banning in Minecraft is the act of disallowing one usage of the server. Being banned is a fate feared by many, as those who enjoy it will only leave once they are completely loved by the entirety of the community, and banning removes them from the server prematurely. Empire Minecraft allows bans to be appealed, but it seems that 100 percent of the time that ban appeals are done horrendously, and worthless in attempting to become “unbanned”. While some ban appeals may pass through relatively easily, failures at ban appeals are often spread across the Empire community.
    Any offences against the Empire Guide can put one into the position of being banned. The following examples are commonly associated with banishment:

    -Griefing (Most commonly associated with banning)
    -Inappropriate Conduct

    Due to the nature of the Empire, many people who are banned are not members who probably aren’t wanted here. While some who get banned have made mistakes, many others are trolls, or griefers. People like this often cause a ruckus, and are laughed at by the community. We at The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Empire Minecraft suggest you laugh at any trolls trying to get unbanned, but only if their attempts at a ban appeal are a blatant fail. If a troll or other banned player is kicking on dust, you may find people explaining their blindness. We suggest you join in. If you are banned, and need to appeal, please follow the following steps:

    1: Identify cause of ban, it will be of much use later
    2: Contact an online moderator in a PRIVATE CONVERSATION
    3: Remember to be polite, also remember that the moderator is not in a position to give in to your wishes if you are rude, and only reinforces the reason why you were banned
    4: Hope

    If you think your going to be banned stop whatever you're doing, because you're probably going to get banned if you continue. Now remember everything in this section, because you can’t read this if you can’t get on the server.

    End Entry-Example: Banning

    Remember the website is up, and I can already accept contributions!!home/mainPage

    Contributions Needed:
    -Empire Minecraft
    -Anything else!
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  10. I thought we had an EMC wiki. Same thing right?
  11. Not really, if you visit he EMC wiki, you'll notice it isn't updated much at all. This is more of an informational good read, I sort of hope that this is something someone would read for advice on what ti do in the wild, or learn about the best things to do when making a shop, or just enjoy reading the guide and learning something new while passing the time.
  12. I see. Something more on the creative side. I dig it.
  13. This looks cool...
  14. Someday these books could be worth something.... I want your first edition delivered to my res! 500 rupees for the lot!
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  15. I must say I'm a huge fan of this, and had thought of this myself [you called it, so I won't try to steal it :) ]. I'd like to see all the EMC guide in hitchhikers guide format.

    I'll see if I can write a couple entries for it. I've been fairly busy but should be able to at least get a couple in.
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  16. me too!
  17. I shall contribute 10r! (im very poor right now)
  18. The first batch of books will be, at the moment, 50 copies, I will sell the copies at my shop when they are finished. After I reach 100 copies, I'll consider distributing copies of the book for other people to sell. I will see if I can distribute, say 20 copies to darkruler53 if I can.
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  19. Ignoramoose has said he calls the creeper entry, he just had me type this so no one can call it before he gets back on...consider creepers off the menu....