The Hipster Club (17+ Only)

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  1. If you aren't a hipster then get out.

    This Is a joke we came up with on mumble earlier today.
  2. Yeeeeee I'm in
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  3. We chill like hipsters.
    I got my headband on.
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  4. I slid on my hat - I am now formerly the ashton :3
  5. I ought to just.... One day...
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  6. My thoughts about this....
  7. yo im a hipster emo
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  8. Also, I was 12 before it was cool :cool:
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  9. I was a panda before it was cool.:cool:
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  10. You know, I could go into a whole load of jokes about hipsters,
    But you've probably never heard them before.....
  11. Shoot :D
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  12. erm lol, that was kinda it
    read it again :oops:
  13. OOOhhhh I get it!
    Good one :p
    See I'm slow with jokes..
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  14. I was a bear before it was cool. :cool:
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  15. The Twee reminds me of Rivers Cuomo.
  16. I was living before it was cool. #EveryoneCopiedMe
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  17. I was and still am a gentleman a significantly long period of time after it stopped being cool.
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  18. Curse you and your arbitary age limits!
  19. Im sick of these age only clubs. Just stop already. Please.
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  20. They're jokes xD