The Greatest Villain

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  1. We all know them, and we've all been subjected to their torture. The agonizing hours and days spent attempting to solve their perilous puzzles, defeat their soporific minions, or just attempting to not die as we run like wet dogs from their relentless attacks. The gaming world of today as introduced some diverse, terrifying, and overall awesome villains, but, due to my ceaseless curiosity, I want to know which villain is the best. . . or worst. Feel free to let me know your opinion in the comment section below. Want to leave a description of why they always bring you despair? Please do! Videos? Leave em' here, so I can watch their terrible attributes first hand. Disagree with someone's opinion? Debate! Just, ya know, keep it tame. And please, branch out! Don't keep it strictly Minecraft related. I want the whole enchilada!
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  2. I'd say creeper if I had to pick one. Reason #1. *Builds a house* Wow! Look at my awesome new house! ...sSSSsss BOOM! 'Defluxer died by "Not A awesome house anymore :p" ' Defluxer has left the game.
    Reason #2. Reread Reason #1.
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  3. For absolute blood-curdling unstoppable force of nature, only one villain comes to mind.
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  4. I don't like spiders, always climbing over walls and being bipolar and all.
    Daytime: Hello Mr. Knight! Fine day isn't it?
    Nighttime: Die! I will sever your head from your body!
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  5. I REALLY liked the Mass Effect games. They had such an awesome story line; the creators were very meticulous about how the game was set up, so it was great.

    Ah, yes, the classic creeper; a glitch in the game that became the most infamous villain. I will admit, I only get killed by creepers because I'm not expecting them, which is probably worse than if I was. :p
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  6. . . . This gives me a brilliant idea.
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  7. Best villain ever: The Daleks!

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  8. I've done it...

    ...We are so screwed. :eek:
  9. I don't know why but I really love Endermen :3 They're so cute, and they aren't really violent :p
    Spiders on the other hand.... They always climb on top of my house and follow me around from the roof tops ; - ; Gives me quite a shock when I walk out the door and get a spider to the face....
  10. You sir, are quite the evil genius :D
  11. Skeletons, they shouldn't be that good snipers. They are dead after all!
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  12. #1: Creeper- My house is not there.
    #2: Enderman- Stealing blocks
    #3: Villager- Disturbing the peace
  13. Hehehe xD
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  14. Dem language skills, I wish I could write like that.
  15. Um, Captain Syrup? I kind of liked her machines.
    Let me think of a more classic one (if there are any)
  16. While not having a specific villain, I do have a "type". I prefer ones that have some sort of morality or justification. The kind that makes people question who they should be supporting.
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