The great chicken invasion of 2012

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    You may have seen my running around for the last two hours like an idiot, buying out potions of damaging and throwing them at spawn. There is a reason for this: egging. Egging is the practice of throwing eggs at at something. People have been egging spawn. Not cool.

    So, what can you do? Well, it's impossible to directly kill chickens in the spawn area. However, they are still possible to kill.

    If you're on SMP1, use some wheat to lure the chickens into the nearby lava traps. On any other sever, use splash potions of harming at spawn. These bypass the flag protection system. Do not use these potions in people's reses. Only use them at spawn. If you feel a res has excess animals, contact a mod.

    Also, if you own a res near spawn then please help. Eggify or kill every chicken possible and consider putting a ring of fire around your res so others can help kill them.

    One other thing you can do is simply not egg. If you see someone egging, take screenshots and PM them to a mod. I'm not sure if it is reportable, but until you hear otherwise, treat it like it is.

    Edit: It seems that it is, as technically it's considered griefing. F2 is your friend :)

    Egging is a problem because it causes lag and a mess. Simply do not do it. And if I see you doing it, I'll eat you alive.
  2. Do you really have nothing better to do? Come on dude. its not productive.... yes it causes a little lag, but come on when I was a noob I was delighted to find free eggs at the spawn... and im sure others will be too...

    Also the odd chickens running about at spawn are NOTHING compared to the chickens in peoples farms.. you killing them will only impact one thing... your rupee's
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  3. it is reportable its considered griefing so yea :)
  4. Quite frankly, no I don't. Mystul is providing free eggs once it's set up so that shouldn't be a problem.
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  5. then the egging will get worse... much worse...
  6. I have setup a chicken kill zone next to spawn on SMP1 at 103 and next to /store at 16015 on SMP8. You may lure any chickens in the area into the lava.
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  7. Maybe your saying this because your the one who did it? :confused:
  8. I'm setting up Fire at my res on SMP8 and 6, There both next to spawn.
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  9. I never saw this as a problem but lots of fun actually and didn't know people took it this seriously, but I will stop egging and start killing.
  10. Edit: Blah Blah Blah:)
  11. Well that's not nice :/
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  12. you know.. there almost should be a res limit for chickens per res.. that would actually not be half bad :)
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  13. The chickens running around isn't that big of a deal for me, but the other day I noticed several chickens in the tutorial (Lol), and the chickens that get stuck in the town scenery. These are what bother me
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  14. I will setup a chicken death trap on smp6 12006 which is the sandstone pyramid next to the spawn. :)
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  15. Ugh, stupid people have nothing better to do with their lives.
  16. I have de-chickened every spawn now with the help from my friend YuriGagarin. Any I saw stuck in scenery have died a slow and painful death. Spawn looks beautiful now, let's keep it that way.
  17. I said, that once my pal egged my old store with cows, and that I was happy because I sticked them and then sold for massive profit...
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  18. Woah, wrong person then. My bad, editing post!
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  19. Oh I just noticed that today while I was at your shop!
    Good idea ;)
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