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  1. Hey guys. I started this blog shortly after my name change from IcecreamCow to GloriousKoch and accidentally hijacked my own intro/AMA thread, so I figured I'd put a thread in the proper place to let people know of my post updates, for those interested. As always, if you have a subject you'd be interested in me possibly writing about, let me know too. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from my posts so far, so thanks for that, and inspiring me to write more stuff. :p

    So far, I've shared with you guys an intro post about myself, and one sharing my thoughts on the Mojang EULA drama. I'll start from this post on to let ya know when I have new things to read. I actually just finished up a movie review on the Ninja Turtles Movie. Check it out.

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  2. Very nice blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts! :D
  3. Thanks. :D
  4. Wait, im confused, you have changed your name from GameKribJeremy to IceCreamCow, then IceCreamCow to GloriousKoch?
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  5. Correct. Though, I feel this is my final change. GKJ and ICC were more project focused names, in my opinion, and would only be ever 'linked' with those projects, ICC being me running Minecraft Servers. While I still do that, I have a lot of other project plans to expand much beyond just Minecraft, and feel my new name is generic enough that it will fit into any 'situation'.
  6. oh honestly I never knew GKJ was also ICC until 2 days ago
  7. Ah yeah. All me. :p
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  8. Awesome read Jeremy. Looking forward to your future blog post. :D
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  9. Maybe something on Xbox one vs PS4?
  10. I should not watch it since Micheal Bay...
  11. never knew that...
  12. Yes, the boom boom boom boom is what the 3 mentioned movies used to make the super mega battle baby I mentioned, so it's okay.
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  13. I don't have either one really yet, so couldn't fairly give a comparison.
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  14. So, in light of Robin William's suicide, I was inspired to write a blog about that subject. Includes some personal things about my life, as well as thoughts about suicide in general.

    Also, features a song from Edmund, a former member/mod here that some of you might remember, as well.

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  15. Yay! New post made today. I answer a question that's been asked many times over the past 4+ years! Note that this is my PERSONAL views and policies on what I've always looked for and not saying it's the same policy for the current EMC staff, as they have their own policies, I'm sure. :)

  16. Incoming semi-rant (I love your blog, still :))

    I can see this as a somewhat controvertial post >.<

    I agree that the three issues listed are all important, but you need to state something here. While these are all important, it depends on the person themselves. If someone is a really mean person, hates new players, and likes to overuse their ban hammer, that does not make them a good candidate for staff. The most important thing to remember is that unless you are the right person, no matter how much you follow this criteria, you will not become a staff.

    I do agree mostly with your tips, though, but I think a better title is tips on becoming a staff member.

    Almost finally, this blog kind of seems off to me. The people most likely reading this and wanting to become a staff member and using this for tips are violating the first tip.

    Finally, I think that if someone makes a potential good staff on any good minecraft server, they should naturally act like this. If someone is acting like this because they are following tips about how to get it, that is not the type of person who should be a staff.
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  17. Well, if someone meets those criteria, they by default aren't being mean or abusing anything. I actually mention that in one of the tips. :p

    The blog wasn't really created to act as an application looking for staff members for my community...just really to enlighten the minds of those who have asked me this a ton. :)

    Finally, mini-rants or even full rants on posts I make are encouraged. I write them to make people think and glad you felt the need to do so. :)
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  18. So, not to much of a big post, but wanted to share a personal victory while playing TF2 on the 360 with @OrigamiJoe the other night after not playing it for sooooo long. For those not aware the (DOM) next to their names means I killed each of them 5 times in a row without them killing me. :D