The First Thing You Did in 1.9.4/What are your Goals

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1.9.4 Like it so far on Empire?

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  1. What was it? I still have to figure out what Ill do... Go to waste (not log on:p)
    And also what are you goals
    • Get an Elyra (Legit)
    • Dragon Head (Legit)
    thb Iv got lots of thing that wont fit;)

    But.. I want to know, what are your goals? and what was the first thing you did in emc 1.9 (not log on like i said :p)
  2. The first thing i did was /waste, and died... Then my next goal was to exploit chin to get my stuff back. Later i headed to the end
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  3. first thing I did was to answer panicking PM's "ur res is on fire!!" after which I rushed going online and for sure...

    the fire protection wasn't working as it did before ;)

    So the next thing I'll be doing on 1.9 is to fix my residence ;) Had to let the water flood out and also added some water blocks to cool my wooden walls down a bit:

    But still... Consider me impressed and happy about the update!

    This evening I'm planning to take some boats and head out to a remove location and set up a small mining base there. It's as if Aikar knew because the Northern and Southern wastelands on my homeserver are both in the middle of an ocean!

    Next stop will be building a suitable lava pickup point. We always had one on SMP2 and we want that back again :)

    And of course: Mesa project time! :D

    A reboot of this one:
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