The first EMC wedding!

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  1. The very FIRST EMC wedding on smp5 at 5:00pm on January 28, 2013. Lilyrox55 and jtc0999 hope that you will join them on their special day.....BUT this day cannot happen without 2 more brides maides,so if your a girl and would like to see the very first EMC wedding tell either jtc0999 or Lilyrox55 that you would like to join in and be a bride maid. Although we only have 2 more spots for bride maids you may try and become one. If not you are welcome to join us at or first EMC wedding
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  2. This isn't the first..
  3. Ill keep this in mind.
  4. This isn't actually the first. For Months EMC hasn't had any weddings but actually It used to have tons.
    There is a Chrurch and everything on smp3 I think its on Mr_Greers residence or something
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  5. Yea didn't you marry Alexchance's voice before this?
  6. Hmmm 0.o okay scratches my head in confusion .....

    And Jan 28th I'm turning 22, prolly going to busy that night.....
  7. But I think this is EMC's first Super Organized Wedding. I mean most people just plan for 1 hour.
    Not almost a month.
  8. Hehe :rolleyes:

    Anyway,whos getting married?
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  9. Time Zone?
  10. I believe a boy and a girl but I might be wrong this is the Internet we are taking about
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  11. Dwight, we live in the 21st century. If a Creeper and a girl want to get married, THEY CAN! #Interspeciesmarriage.
  12. That's a totally different story ;D
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  13. Well i would assume a boy and a girl :/ but what are the names?
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  14. Hey! don't judge.. It could be a girl and somones voice..
  15. Well how you think pigmen were brought to be *rollseyes

    Jtc0999 and lilyrox55 I think

    Haha that still good when Alex told us about it in mumble
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  16. I died laughing after he said that xD
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  17. Haha yea same here and everyone on the channel did the same :D
  18. But now we talk.. alot. xD
    I'm sorta helping him build 4005 (Distracting him; Complaining about lighting)
  19. Almost a year ago there was a wedding I was at.