The facts-about-you thread!

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  1. Title says it all. I'll start...
    1. I am a computer guru. Which means I'm always helping my family with something. I don't mind though... I would want help if I didn't understand lots about them myself.
    2. I am an astronaut hopeful (in case you can't tell by my name).
    3. History time! I live in the 38th state of the United States of America.
    4. I started playing Minecraft in Beta 1.7.3. I played cracked until 1.1.
    5. I'm very different. I typically find boring what other people my age find interesting, and vice versa.
    6. I like to listen to a lot of music... including the Beatles, Elton John, Mumford and Sons, and Coldplay.
    7. I play the alto saxophone (and formerly the euphonium).
    8. My favorite subject is science, and it's the only one I don't have an A in currently. Strange, right?
    9. Retrograde burn at periapsis! I'm slowly discovering how to get around in space by playing a game called Orbiter. It's really fun, but it has a really steep learning curve too.
    10. I'm trying to learn Russian. After all, we've been working with Russia in space for about 30 years, so it would be good to know as an astronaut.
    Your list doesn't have to be as long... just share some things about you!
  2. 1) My real name is Jamie.
    2) I bought Minecraft in early alpha.
    3) I've been mad on coding since I was 8 years old, and have had ambitions to make games since I was 3 years old.
    4) I played my first game when I was 2 years old.
    5) I suck at making friends unless i'm doing it online.
    6) I WAS a moderator on 4 servers, but I stepped down on them all to play EMC more. I still design the tutorial map for one of them though, and still have moderator-like powers on it.
    7) I love griefing...Only on PvP servers where it's allowed :p
    8) I love PvP Minecraft games like The Walls or The Hunger Games.
    9) I love animals.
    10) My favourite subject is History. I have a higher grade in it than any other subject. Science is the runner up, but my new teacher is boring.
    11)I also used to have top grades in English, but I don't know what happened last year. I'm the same level I was in Year 6, which is higher than anybody else, but I was moved down.
    12) I have discalculia.
    1. I too am the computer guru. Except I often get frustrated and tell them to Google the issue.
    2. I wish to be an animator or programmer.
    3. I live in the 3rd state in the US.
    4. I didn't pick up Minecraft until Release 1.2.5, this was the first server I tried.
    5. I cannot stand kids my own age. Swag, YOLO, rap, etc. I am an introvert and prefer many of my own activities, generally computer related, or gaming, or something.
    6. I am working off SpaceShuttleFans facts for this.
    7. I used to play trumpet, but I hated it.
    8. I HATE MATH. I just hate it.
    9. I cannot stop myself from playing Civ V once I start.
    10. I have 2 talents. Writing, and ignoring my talent of writing.
    11. My favorite TV Show is My Little Pony, but if you asked me in real life I'd say Regular Show, which tails in a close second.
    12. I love classical music, electronic, and OSTs.
    13. I am more open on the Internet then in real life.
  3. Hello

    I'm very different. I typically find boring what other people my age find interesting, and vice versa.
    Example: Hello Class today we are watching a 60 minute video on the evolution of roads.
    "OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    I play the alto saxophone
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  4. Moar:
    1) Me & my dad are the computer gurus in my family, but i'm better than him at everything with computers.
    2) The only rap music I like is anything by Eminem, everything else is stupid.3
    3) I like anything techno or by the beatles.
  5. A guy asked me one at a job interview, tell me about yourself

    Well, i am a Techno loving D.J., who goes under the name of D.J. L0tad, Born in India, Have lived in Singapore, Canada, The state of California, the Commonwealth of Virginia, And spent a month in japan. Crays about Pokemon, Minecraft, and the Forsa franchise. Always hang out with the nerds, the popular group, and the normal people at the same time (although i consider myself a part of the anime (otaku) group, i am not a nerd (yes, that is possible.) Avid fan of Trip-hop,Hip-hop, Rock, County, Jass, Techno, And Almost every kind of music out there. My life is kinda bout music, I play guitar, electric bass, and make techno remixes. Also, avid graffiti artist, not the offensive message kind, the verve from the Bible kind, or "What have you done to save the world today?" Horrible at English, Hindi was my first language.
  6. Now that l0tad has brought graffiti up, I have to share :p

    I am quite good with graffiti. I've done some graffiti on my friend's pencil case and want to do more. I spraypainted him a half-bitten apple with his name coming out the side of it :p
  7. My first name is Carson
    I play percussion
    I think band shirts are reserved for fans, not random people who want to look cool.
    I started playing Minecraft in 1.0, played cracked for a bit of it.
    I thought Minecraft was stupid, then I found Minecraft for free, which got me hooked.
    I can't tell my friend who I like, as he will laugh.
    I sometimes troll on Roblox.
    I HAVE gotten banned from a server for griefing when I first started Minecraft
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  8. oh! this seems fun!

    my name is Meghan! but most just call me Megh, or Meghs.

    i am a professional photographer and i have my own business.

    obsession; batman. i mean, clearly. lolol

    i have a heart condition that limits a lot of what i can do

    i don't usually get along with females. because they tend to steal the boyfriend you have. lolol

    i think i danced off 50 pounds just by listening to Gangnam Style for 3 hours straight. (which i also should not have done because of what i said on #4 ... but it was all worth the pain. lolol

    my camera i use for my photography business is worth more money than my car. < true that.

    i freaking love this community <3

    my birthday is in January

    i hardly sleep

    i love love love making new friends
  9. that is a nice name :p
  10. I have athsma.
    Not many people seem to like me.
    That's it.
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  11. :D

    I like you in a friend way! :)
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  12. I am a fun bear that likes bacon.
    Heh, I have asthma too.
  13. I like bacon.
    I like pie.
    I am awesome.
    That is all.
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  14. I like bacon pie.
    Yeah, Im awesome.
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  15. Alrighty then...

    1) I am a BLU Spy disguised as a RED Spy.
    2) I like watching The Simpsons.
    3) My favorite animal is the sheep.
    4) I'm SSF's brother.
    5) I consider Slenderman a boss.
    6) I have asthma.
    7) I like saying YOLO.
    8) Pillows are my favorite DragCave dragon.
    9) I think Tekkit is fun, but overrated.
    10) I hate when people ask questions that the guide can answer, make a thread for a ban appeal, spam, and make Tekkit mod requests.
    11) I'm a grammar/spelling Nazi.
    12) I believe creepers are overrated. Not as much as Tekkit, though.
    13)I don't like pizza that much.
    14) I love fruit.
    15) My favorite staff members are:
    Aikar (He likes &9 blue. ;))
    Green_Mystery, even though he stepped down.

    But I like all of the mods and admins.
    16) I tend to rant, like on this list.
    17) My favorite MLB team? St. Louis Cardinals!
    18) I seem to like colors.
    So...that's about it.
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  16. As for everything else, I do this slenderman is a boss too.
  17. The name's Pen.
    Electronic artist hoping to get semi-famous. (somehow, I'm extremely shy)
    FACT #3: In my opinion, people know the difference between electronic and techno.
    FACT #4: I'm only human…I think.
  18. Im only a living being with a brain, though Im not sure.
    I could be a alien and I dont even realize it.
  19. I have been through enough to know not to put too much of my private information within the public's grasp.

    I also found out the hard way most people don't want to know much about me once they find out just how horrible this world can be to people, and most scream either "liar" or "drama queen" or other crap like that when I do talk about my history and myself.

    I am 35 years old.
    I love most music that is not rap old or new country. KSHE-95 is my favorite radio station ever, I grew up listening to them and now they broadcast online.
    I have had well over 16 years experience with computers, making a livelihood as a freelance technician for a portion of my life until I became too sick. I have yet to find a computer expert that knows more about hardware than me, and I help a lot of them learn more. I know very little programming though, I can program in TRSDOS (pre IBM pc) apple BASIC, and ms Qbasic (it came with DOS) but that's it.
    I am an audiophile that has little money, so I use my knowledge and thriftiness to get really good audio stuff cheap, like my kenwood KM-208 amplifier.
    In college in 2001 I had my IQ officially tested, and it was rated at "over 170". That's so high that only 20,000 or so of the 7+ billion population of earth have it. I am very proud of that.
    My computers are the only things I have worth any real money, and I have a whole lot of them. At last count, 5 running and enough to build 20 more. I would have more built, but I am waiting for the perfect parts to put with them.
    I collect computer parts from every IBM compatible PC (x86) era, and have almost enough parts to build my perfect PC from every era!
    My oldest working PC is a 386 40MHz, but it is not complete. yet. It is in full working order, though!
    I love pc games of all eras, and collect them as well.

    I am a tiny house person at heart, and want so much to build one.
    I have actually lived similarly for most of my life, and at the moment live with Hyratel in the bedroom of a townhouse apartment. Yes, in one bedroom all of our stuff and both of us live, and we only really use the bathroom and once in a while the kitchen.

    My favorite car is actually the 2001 pontiac grand prix, GTP version and if I became a millionaire or more, I would get several.
    If I became rich, I would start a shelter and nonprofit organization specifically to help those marginalized by today's american society.
    I was born and live in america but I consider being called an american an insult, that is most definitely something I do not consider myself; they are stuck with me and I am stuck with them, and neither of us wants the other.
    I love my doggie tucker! He is 1/2 australian shepherd, 1/4 collie, and 1/4 bird-dog.
    I love having fish! Someone gave me a 90 gallon fish tank and I keep two plecos (they were sold as common but they seem to be bristlenose) and other small fish like neon tetra, cardinal tetra, cherry barb, and corydoras in there. I watch them off and on all day while doing other stuff.
    I drink about 5-6 cans of code red a day, and love it. I actually need that much caffiene and simple carbs for my ADHD and other medical conditions. Most people can't stand drinking or eating that much of one thing, but this singular flavor has me always wanting more, nomatter how much I drink. I drink about the same amount of water daily.
    I adore the feel of denim! I have a comforter of denim and snuggle into it every night.
    I wear rustler brand blue jeans despite them being made for boys because they are so awesome, and inexpensive too!
    Even my purse is made of denim.
    I had a soft denim dress once, I miss it so bad.
    I am really good at cooking without a "proper kitchen" and tend to teach people my meals when they ask. I start with a recipe then modify it sometimes drastically and turn it into something wonderful.
    I had my ears pierced for my birthday long long ago but they got infected and closed up.
    I love resale shops, and most of all computer resale shops!

    Oh! I also collect old console gaming systems. I have lots of them. :)
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