The End Is Near EMC

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LeafyIsHere 14 vote(s) 63.6%

  1. Our Stone Slab god is gone, who will protect our stone slabs now?!
  2. Defo Leafy ;P
  4. Literal cancer right here bois.
  5. *grabs lawn chair and soda* Im ready for all the Leafy vs Pyro based hilarity bois
  6. This is the Goddess/Lord/Queen/Leader of Cats speaking.

    This is very bad!!! *panic* We need to act immediately, who will replace our god of Stone Slabs!!!! We need someone that has a deep connection to stone slabs and has great power as our Stone Slab god did!! We need someone to protect all the stone slabs!!
  7. That's why I mentioned Leafy. I will plan to spam his comments asking him of this.
  8. What's Leafy? :confused:
  9. Who's Leafy? More like Who's 607? :p <3
  10. :c
  11. Although it is true: the god of the stone slabs is taking a leave of absence he did make sure that his legacy will live on. The story which Stone and me started will continue and not just that: in a way where I keep the original plot which was thought out by Stone fully in mind.

    Stone also gave me access to the fabled Stone Slab Storage (SSS) where millions of slabs are being kept. I also got some instructions and some requests and trust me: they will be honored. It's not as if we've seen the last of the Stone Slab king, his legacy shall live on, I'm determined to live up to that.
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