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  1. The mod has been discontinued for now.

    Mod is now updated to forge, I am currently working on the wiki
    Hello fellow Empire Minecrafters! I was bored, so I decided to make the worst best minecraft mod ever!
    The Empire Minecraft Mod!


    Note from nick5013: too many items, will be creating wiki


    Notice bugs? Have an idea for a feature? Like this mod? Leave a reply!

    +Multiplayer support
    +When wearing full Max gem armor, you will have fire resistance
    +Other various tweaks and additions
    + 14 player mobs
    • Cordial_Pie
    • gollark8
    • AmusedStew
    • TehSpiders
    • Chascarrillo
    • Mindlegokid
    • Crazy1800
    • NoahMarcusWhite
    • oidgod
    • oidking
    • Choongjae
    • princebee
    • colesta1200
    • redfire23
    -Removed mob nametags
    -Removed keyboard
    *Fixed no fall damage on mobs
    *Fixed Max Staff infinite durability
    *Fixed mobs not spawning naturally
    ***UPDATED TO 1.5.2
    + 5 player mobs
    • Faeghost
    • wipple4
    • Adderwolf71
    • bitmonger20
    • PRO_G4NST4
    +Name tag above all players
    + 2 player mobs
    • collect12
    • SkyDragonv8
    *Aikar attacks with code
    *Improved Maxarias AI
    *Fixed spawnrates
    *Fixed Ice Cream name
    ***UPDATED TO 1.5.1
    *Fixed explosion sounds for various mobs
    *Fixed mobs not breeding
    +Added secret experimental mob
    ***UPDATED TO 1.5
    +Made IcecreamCow have less health at daytime
    +Max Gem Block
    +Max Gem Armor
    +28 player mobs
    • ItsMeMatheus
    • yankees518
    • RainbowChin
    • Qwerty189
    • PandasEatRamen
    • cddm95ace
    • TheTrufflehunter
    • technologygeek
    • Kman122000
    • 333kirby
    • supereskimo
    • mviglione
    • jacob5089
    • 607
    • adsingh
    • MineMeetsRoblox
    • creeperslayer789
    • TheEpic5
    • Jay2a
    • lameidl
    • Equinox_Boss
    • SoulPunisher
    • Cube45
    • WolfThunderblade
    • Spenser6
    • Nole972
    • jtc0999
    • AlexHallon
    -Decreased speed of mobs
    -Edmund is no longer considered an animal
    *Edmund now drops Bat'leth
    *Edmund will fight all hostile mobs
    *Added Max Gem Ore to creative block inventory
    *Added Max Gem to creative materials inventory
    *Fixed overpopulation bug
    +Aikar Boss
    - 2500 Hearts
    - Drops 0-2 beacons, 0-2 diamond blocks
    - Spawns in dungeons
    +Spawn Eggs for all mobs
    +Attack Animation for (almost) everyone
    +Bigdavie flying(right-click)
    +Max's Staff
    +Max Gem
    +Max Gem Ore
    +Ice Cream
    -Decreased Spawn rate
    +Added Ban Hammer
    *Made Bigdavie stronger
    +Added Max
    +Added Bigdavie
    +Added ICC
    +Added Aikar

    How to get added in the mod

    There is currently a fee of 50r to be added into the mod as a basic mob.
    It may be free in random occasions or special times.
    Once paid and posted an application, you will be added in the next update.

    I've carefully chosen to let ANYONE in this mod.
    All you have to do is fill in this form and paste in the replies:

    How long have you been playing on EMC?
    What are you well-known for?
    Aggressive or Passive?
    Selectively aggressive towards certain mobs?
    Attack Strength (If Aggressive)
    Breeding Item (If Passive)
    Drop Item?
    Health Count?
    Sound of Living?
    Sound of Hurt?
    Sound of Death?
    Mob egg colors(2)?

    Invalid applications will be denied. Re-post application if modifications are wanted.
    • Taming
    • Custom Items not in vanilla minecraft
    • Custom Blocks
    • Custom Attacks
    • High amount of health or attack damage(>150 hearts health)(>45 hearts dmg)
    • High amount drop of rare items
    • Apps for your friends
    • Custom spawn rituals(wither,spawners,dungeons,dimension only)
    • Combinations of sounds
    • Custom sounds
    • Custom models
    Correct Example:

    Username: bob6969
    How long have you been playing on EMC? 1337 Days
    What are you well-known for? Destroying lava walls with water walls
    Aggressive or Passive? Aggressive
    Selectively aggressive towards certain mobs? Aikar
    Attack Strength (If Aggressive) 2 Hearts
    Breeding Item (If Passive) N/A
    Drop Item-0-2 Dirt
    Health Count-40 Hearts
    Sound of Living-Pig Oink
    Sound of Hurt-Cow Hurt
    Sound of Death-Ghast Death

    Incorrect Example:

    Username: bob
    How long have you been playing on EMC? A while
    What are you well-known for? My awesome biceps and good grades
    Aggressive or Passive? Tamable
    Selectively aggressive towards certain mobs? Ender Dragon
    Attack Strength (If Aggressive) Enough to kill someone with gold armor
    Breeding Item (If Passive) idk
    Drop Item-696969 beacons lololol
    Health Count-a lot
    Sound of Living-Me when I fart
    Sound of Hurt-A combo of a ghast and zombie
    Sound of Death- ur mom

    These prices may change, and they are an average of prices.

    Private message me to get a feature added
    Limit of 6 items/block additions per player.
    Item 200r
    Enchanted effect 100r
    Coloured name 100r
    Crafting recipe 125r
    Smelting recipe 175r
    Fuel 150r
    Throwable 450r
    Food 325r
    Tools 250r
    Sword 175r
    Pickaxe 175r
    Axe 175r
    Shovel 175r
    Armour 300r
    Helmet 175r
    Chestplate 175r
    Leggings 175r
    Boots 175r
    Block 300r
    Coloured name 150r

    Gravitational 225r
    Flammable 225r
    Naturally generate
    • Above-ground (pumpkins, flowers) 200r
    • Below-ores 175r
    • Above-trees (Needs 2 blocks) 400r
    Mob Upgrades 0r
    Small model 250r
    Medium model 350r
    Large model 750r

    Ridable Mob 250r
    Craftable (wither, snowman, iron golem) 7500r

    Source code 999999r
    If you request to add an Item/Block/Armor/Model/GUI/Tool, a fee of 500r per texture will be added to your upgrade if no textures are supplied. High-Quality Textures that are not 16x16 will not be accepted. Texture maps for mobs will be supplied for you to complete for free.

    Please also note that this might take a while.

    Note: If you find a bug, please PM me the problem and it will be fixed in the next bug fix update. If a player I have added is currently banned or has been/will be inactive for a long time, please let me know so I can keep the mod up to date.

    Note: If you are wanting to record a video featuring this mod, you have full permission to do so. Please note that this mod is far from done. I recommend waiting until the updating frequencies lessen, and more features are included.
  2. `Lol, this is epic, is he hostile?
  3. He attacks you on sight
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  4. If you are interested in doing an epic mod of sorts pm me. I have some ideas but no modding experience :(
  5. Does he throw code at you?
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  6. Maybe in a future update.....
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  7. Awesome - Downloading XD.


    Liking loads. Want more :p
  8. Add IceCreamCow next and have him be a giant cow throwing exploding milk. Have him drop milk and/or gold.
  9. How about Maxaris, whose principle attack is sending a special fire charge that surrounds the player with fire. She had a chance to drop 0-2 gold shoes.

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  10. This is awesome! You should add Maxarias and Icecramcow but with different abilities ;)
    Awesome job ^_^
  11. This is pretty sweet! Great work.
  12. And justinguy who builds the greatest things from the ground up and then despawns never to be seen again.
  13. Can you change Aikar so that he just throws Emeralds at you until the economy is ruined?

    (Yes, I'm bored of that joke too, but at least now it's got a fresh angle on it!)

    Or better yet, have Max follow you and if you stop moving for more than one minute, she instantly covers you in bedrock. :p
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  14. If I implement that, it will most likely lag the world if he keeps throwing out items; and that's why I made him drop diamonds.
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  15. Is it like, many Aikars or a boss?
  16. Thanks for the support, everyone! I will continue to add more players(ICC,Max, etc.) and more features!
    Many Aikars, but not too much.
  17. Nether stars*
  18. Is he a rear mob? ._.
  19. He spawns at night.
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  20. Who?
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