The Empire Chronicles [Writing Project]

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Would you like to help out?

Yes, as a writer 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Yes, as a researcher 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Yes, as a researcher and a writer 2 vote(s) 33.3%
No, but I would like to buy it 3 vote(s) 50.0%
This is a terrible idea (please don't choose) 1 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. Recently while riding around on my horse a thought came into my head "What is the history of EMC ?" I've always been a History nerd/buff and began pondering the idea of an EMC history book that tells the story of the server from beginning to end. I would Love to write such a book/book series but I'm a fairly new player (249 days). That is why I wish to present this idea to the community; I don't know if something like this has been attempted however I feel as though it needs to be done.'

    What I'm asking for are some writers who love to write and some researchers who can find this information. This will be a relatively large project and I will need a lot of help.

    Portions that need writing will be:
    1. EMC's Beginnings, The story of the foundation of EMC
    2. Bios of JustinGuy and all other founding members (jobs, and other hobbies)
    3. A history of the promo item, and a list (minimal details) of all promos there are.
    4. Some short bios of influential players
    5. Bios of all current senior staff, community managers, and developers.
    6. Empire timeline, states important EMC events in relation to real world events.
    7. A list and description of all EMC special locations: smp6 pvp, smp1 graveyard, etc.
    8. EMC annals, a list of fun facts about EMC
    9. a "eulogy" of the founding members and what they have accomplished and possibly a "where are they now ?"
    10. Previous/retired staff bios
    11. I will write a list of contributors who helped with the series.

    I'm looking for people to write sections 1-10 as well as find and provide the information to write each section.

    Writing will be done first on the forums, post your writing on the forums for review or pm it to me, if it is approved I will compile it into a book.
    If you would like to help research, P.M. the writers and me the section you have information on with all the information.

    Writers can tell me any information they need and I will post what we need in a nice list.

    Lastly, any ideas you think would be nice additions to the 10 sections listed above.

    My goal is to make this book as cheap as possible to allow all players to get one, My goal price range is 500r for the whole set. This is the price it would take to mail them out. Because of this writers or researchers will not be paid in rupees but will be featured in the contributors section.

    Writing can be done in any word processor, It should be saved in the format [ Empire Chronicles sec.__ ]

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  2. Add a section of previous staff members... and the history of them on EMC... ;)
  3. Done
  4. Sure, I can write. And looking into EMC shouldn't be (too) much of a problem either since I'm already doing that from time to time anyway. Could be a fun project to do, and it may actually have potential to help out the server a little.

    Still, before I commit myself to such a thing I do have some (critical) questions to ask. Don't take these the wrong way, I mean no offense, but with large(r) projects I'll always spout some critical comments to ensure myself that this is actually going to work.
    • What are you going to do within this project? Because right now it almost looks as if you want others to do most of the project for you while you yourself concentrate on only one part. Nothing really wrong with that, but it seems a bit odd to me.
    • Cheap as possible yet still 500r? You do realize that sending books is fully free of charge? Only if you mail items with the book will they charge you, but books themselves are free. So where does the 500r come from?
    • If people all "just" start writing away in a book then how do you plan to bring that all together? Doesn't really sound like a good idea to me; why not start write-ups in PM's (or this thread) and only add it to a book once the section is finished and fully edited / revised? (Because as I know from experience; you can't easily edit a book)
    • What would qualify as an 'influential player'?
    • Item 6 seems a bit off to me; why would it have to be put against real life events, this is Minecraft afteral? Also considering that EMC apparently follows US holidays. So; you can be assured that Halloween and such will be tied into an event / promo of some sort. With that in mind this section could become very repetitive.

    Once again I need to stress out that you shouldn't take these comments the wrong way. But a project which could potentially gobble up a lot of time should be able to withstand some criticism. Ergo...
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  5. 1. I am going to be writing any sections that others don't sign up for as well as any logistics involved with sending them out
    2. I did not realize that books were sent free, That would make the price just the sum of the cost for books
    3. the information could be passed through this thread, My sleep staving mind from when I wrote this was a little crazy.
    4. Mainly players who own popular malls, museums, etc. as well as build team or contribution team members.
    6. The events are in relation to non EMC events;this book is targeted towards players who are fairly new to EMC and/or don't know much of the history. You can't relate something like Aikar becomes owner of EMC to smp6 was founded because some players don't know when either of those happened, Aikar becomes owner of EMC to minecraft 1.5 comes out provides a better idea of when something happened. Both of those were just examples btw.

    I wrote this when I was very tired, This is when most of my ideas come to me (good or bad) any new ideas are welcome because they are probably better than mine.
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  6. Bump, Do you want to write something ShelLuser?
  7. Yesss, I think that can work out. And could be a fun project too. I should be able to put a little more time into this next week (vacation period).
  8. Not a bad idea.
    So... Are we going to write this together?
    Examples for influental plays are copherfield, Nick5013 et cetera I suppose.
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  9. So, for the record: I am in. I really think that if we organize this right then it has some serious potential to be good.

    This week is gonna be a little chaotic (enjoying some nice beverages as we speak, which means no serious writeups), and plenty personal obligations (visiting parents, having fun at gf's place, etc.), but we'll work it out. Need to think about some of the stuff above but I'll dump it here as soon as I pick some items and start working on 'm.

    There's one small diversion; I promised myself to do an smp2 promo / write-up this week. Its a bit silly, it serves no purpose other than "its going to be fun" (but on the other hand; some of the player builds on smp2 really deserve the extra attention) and that goes first. Probably this evening, if not tomorrow.

    But other than that I'm good. I'll double check the topics and let you know what I'm going to start working on first.

    Project talk:

    I suggest that we post the main write-ups (as I tend to call 'm) here in this thread. The book is gonna be free anyway, so nothing wrong with that. May even help us bring things better together.

    Although I am also playing with the idea to add a secret surprise section, but I'll get back to that in PM.

    607; do I assume right that you're also interested? Thanks for your input so far, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for those players in the upcoming week.

    One thing: whatever we do: I do think its important that we take our time and don't rush things. I really want this to be epic :)
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  10. I'm most definitely interested. I normally don't have too much spare time, but I have a two week vacation right now, so I'll have some more time for projects like this.
    What do you mean by keeping an eye out for those players? Those two are both players that will most likely never meet another chance at the empire, ever. And yet I think especially copherfield is a really interesting part of EMC history, and Nick is pretty interesting too.
  11. Well it's great that I'm getting some help here, make sure you post what sections you would like to work on so we don't end up with 2 of them.
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  12. I don't have much do do after the 24th so I'll begin working on number 5, It seems rather difficult so I want to get started on it early. I guess the best way to go about this is to pm staff with an explanation of what we are doing and a list of questions. If you know of any questions You think I should ask tell me within a few days.
  13. We just got "bios" from all staff members and the groups :p
  14. Yeah, that helps.
  15. File for section 5 has been posted, feel free to make any edits or revisions and post the improved versions for me to check and post.

  16. The empire is capable of maintaining such a wonderful community due to the amazing performance of the

    EMC staff (and some neat code from Aikar). There are far too many moderators to mention in this book

    however it is important to recognise their tremendous work to keep this server running. The Empire's

    staff members are divided into 3 groups besides the moderators we have previously discussed:

    Administrators, Senior Staff, and Developers.

    Some of the lines are quite blurred when it comes to these groups as many Staff members fit into

    multiple places, We will be acknowledging these differences however our divisions will be based on the

    "Meet the Staff" page divisions.

    Admins: Aikar, krysyyjane, Maxarias

    Aikar is the lead developer and current owner of EMC. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina (east coast

    U.S.A.) where he is employed as a software engineer.

    krysyyjane is the community manager of EMC. She lives in Austin, Texas where she works as a lab

    technician/Phlebotomist/self-proclaimed moose wrangler.

    Maxarias is the billing manager of EMC.

    Senior Staff: Bigdavie, chickeneer, ignoramoose, RainbowChin

    Bigdavie is a member of EMC's senior staff, he has been a member since Febuary 4th, 2013.

    chickeneer is a member of EMC's senior staff, he has been a member since May 22nd, 2014.

    ignoramoose is a member of EMC's senior staff, he has been a member since November 4th, 2013

    RainbowChin is a member of EMC's senior staff, he has been a member since September 14th, 2014

    Developers: just_five_fun

    just_five_fun is currently the only player to hold the title of "developer", he gained this position

    Febuary 10th, 2014.

    Aikar is lead developer of EMC (see previous).

    Chickeneer can also be credited with many of the recent updates (see previous).
  17. I started looking into items 1 and 7. It looks to me (at the time of writing, could be way off) that every server has something special (as said; looking). May also be able to come up with some stuff for the fun facts. Like, for example, the ability to warp to other servers using the town spawn area.

    I'll do some reading up on the stuff you guys posted tomorrow.
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