The EMC Staff Needs Your Help!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by iSmooch, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. So, a group of us were playing this game.

    Now its a pretty cool game, its free, easy to install and start.

    Our Issue is, there are two trophies that we just can not get. If you reach a point in the game that you know what we are talking about... you will get it.

    Lets just say there are 8 trophies, we have managed to acquire 6.

    x = Got it
    0 = Cant Figure it out

    X 0 X X X X X 0

    If you can tell us what to do to get those ^^ two trophies up there, the first person to reply that answer in this thread, gets 10k rupees.

    Smooch Out.
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  2. Looking on the internet for you, but cant find anything sorry =(
  3. The game was released 15 hours ago... this is the only place you will find ANY information about it xD
  4. ah ok, good luck then =)
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  5. I'm out. Mac ftw! And also, I'm in if you list those.
  6. thanks for being "THAT" guy! no really.. thanks.
  7. I may be able to split it and find out. Best of luck!
    Really? Are you serious? :confused:
  8. as serious as a sassy smooch. really!
  9. ...Whats a Zenith? x.x
    Edit: ^ Nvm, I got it :p

    I've got o o o X X X X o so far :confused:
  10. Oooh I got this.
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  11. And so it begins >:3

    Edit: But really if you do this before me I dont even know how
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  12. How do I install this game?
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  14. not the best start lol
  15. Is there a way to save on this game? :confused:
  16. Cheat engine lol

    Tag the process, reset your game as if you just started, and search 0. Get a trophy and search "1", get another and search "2", keep doing that and when there's only one left change its value to however many trophies there is.

    That's probably the worst answer you'll ever hear but yeah.. I'll try to find a legit answer later ^.^
  17. That just confuses me....
  18. Maybe a tutorial on cheat engine would help first.. Cheat engine = a program that you can select any process running on your computer, and search for any value it might have. Like if I have a flash game open and I have 1234 coins, I would search that. I'd spend a few coins or get a little more, so now I have 1235 coins. I search for that and only one result pops up. You drag it into this box on the program and right click the option that says change value, change it to however many coins you want to have; so I could change it to 5000 and when I go back to my game I'll have 5000 coins, if that makes sense.
  19. Right.
    I've managed to Zenith everything apart from trophies...
    and I have the same amount of trophies as Smooch :confused:
    If anyone gets to the same place I am, let me know please :p

    Oh and button mashing seems to be useless
    Apart from 0 (number) mutes/un-mutes the music