the elder scrolls!

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do you play oblivion?

yes 4 vote(s) 36.4%
no 6 vote(s) 54.5%
i would like to 1 vote(s) 9.1%
i hate the elder scrolls 0 vote(s) 0.0%
its boring 0 vote(s) 0.0%
im not allowed to 0 vote(s) 0.0%
i dont have a pc just a phone and i play pe 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. who likes the elder scroll,oblivion? i think its very fun and imanginative!
    i want to play skyrim but its on steam and my dad wont let me get steam!
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  2. Oblivion is a game I played a long while back. I've played it many times, and it's always been great. It holds lots of memories for me. Skyrim is also a good game, I don't think I'd say it's been as memorable to me as Oblivion was, but no doubt an amazing game still.

    There's a thread for Skyrim if you want to take a look at screenies, stories and info - thread was made by battmeghs :)
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  3. Spending hours on hours trying to find Daedric helmet to complete the armor set and never finding it D:
  4. I'm just the opposite - Skyrim is far more "memorable" to me than Oblivion was. Though they both pale in comparison to Morrowind. The characters, story, and environment were all fantastic. Game mechanics were mostly awful, but few things are as hilarious as a 1-second "Levitate Target" spell to drop those pesky Cliffracers out of the sky.

    Speaking to Oblivion specifically, there were some high points (literally, in the case of the acrobatics skill!) but the sparse dialogue and "putty-face" character models are what I remember most, neither of which are points in its favor.
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  5. This is actually a main reason why I curse the modern Internet gaming and online stuff (sounds weird on a Minecraft forum where we all do just that, but hear me out...). I'm not saying online gaming is bad or anything, but I do think adventure games such as the Elder Scrolls really have no place here.

    And I really dislike the Elder Scrolls online for just that reason. Such a horrible concept IMO.

    I never played Oblivion but I was smart enough to get my hands on Skyrim. Unfortunately I nabbed the PS3 version. Nothing bad in itself but it turned out to be quite buggy. The game is very responsive when you just start out but as you make more progress the speed gets much worse. Right now I'm up to a point where riding a horse through the wild is a tedious task alone because more than often the whole game just freezes and comes back to life, then freezes again. You're better off teleporting :( Which isn't all that bad because I already discovered all locations, but it takes the fun away from playing.

    But yeah; I hold very fond memories of Skyrim and I'm even tempted to eventually pick it up for the PC sometime (as soon as I have a spare PC for gaming again, I can't risk any games to mess up my main PC because I also use it for work, which was also the main reason I got a PS3). They really managed to build a unique and believable atmosphere. And what I still consider awesome is that the side tasks, though repetitive sometimes, are still a lot of fun.

    Skyrim really is play your way to be honest ;)

    Oh, why I think this has no place online? Because I can just imagine it: my party and me are in a cave and I carefully spread them out to take on the group of bandits in front of us. I spend plenty of time to 'train' them and equip them with the right weapons and armor. So while I'm sneaking up on the bandits another player suddenly pops up, crashes the party, ruins the suspense and before I know my chances of getting any loot are gone.

    Of course I could wait for the cave to reset itself and try again. Yah, don't think so. k, thx, bye!

    But I fear that a subscription playing model is much more interesting for gaming studios than trying to come up with something new every time. So I really fear for the worst when it comes to a new Elder Scrolls game :(
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  6. And being the complete opposite is completely okay. I'll always remember the dialogue, namely "Stop! You've violated the law" is what I heard half the time, but it was great. I played Oblivion when putty face characters were all I knew - and bar the fact it's an older game which lacks graphically now, it was still a game I'll always remember. My dad used to mod parts of the game for me and let me go on adventures. One of the most memorable is when he added letters on trees and they all had clues. Led me to a cave that he had created where I had to defeat enemies and then get the treasure at the end! Those memories are the sort I'll always have :)
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