The Eastern Bear Union

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    Amid recent conflict in the SMP9 Wild regarding land borders and related problems between neighboring nations, we have decided that it is the time to create a new peacekeeping organization. Then The Eastern Bear Union was created. This organization is a Union between the Nation of Volt and The Estonan Federation and any other nations who would like to join to promote keep things under control in the region. We will elect a board of delegates to deal with issues in the region and will have meetings every so often at out bases. There will be bases in every main city of these nations.

    The board of delegates will discuss various subjects and vote on them accordingly and peacefully to come up with ideas for how to use the wonderful land we have out here. Towns included and where bases are being planned are as follows.

    • Maximus
    • Darrowmere
    • Volt
    • Joule
    • La Porte (Already built)
    • Wrem and Inzoino Area
    • Stoneguard
    Current members of the Union include (if you were not listed, please say so :) ):

    • Neuro98
    • Rock00888
    • Devon699
    • MDMyers2000
    • Wildbeast23
    • Lukafolz
    We hope this organization will bring stability to the region so we can all enjoy ourselves and have fun.
    One of our first ideas for development is an overworld rail system that includes all of the major cities in the region with a centralized rail station in the city of Joule.

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  2. Is this a sovereign union, or just an intergovernmental organisation?
  3. It is an intergovernmental union. All involved nations are still their own sovereign nations.
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  4. I see.
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  5. Teamspeak account solely for the EBU is being worked on :D
  6. Kitten, is there agreement?
  7. Mmmm.

    I'll join.

    Feel free to make a base in Neorepopolis's Embassy area...
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  8. Yup sounds good like to have a bit of protection from stuff idk lol in stoneguard

    And I believe this is much needed since I haven't heard much from the militia for a while
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  9. After long and hard thoughts on this, request to join has been denied.
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  10. In other news, congrats DEVON699 on 1000 DAYS!!! :D:D
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  11. Why has my request been denied?

    Because everyone else wishes to further make me outcasted from the rest of the East Wild?
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  12. And why would that be? I thought this Union was to promote organization and to stop the immature squabbling in the SMP9 wild?
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  13. In response to this last comment by you kitten, you have shown that you have no interest in wanting to work with us and it is interesting that you only want to work with us when we don't invite you. Mature a bit please.
  14. Kitten was invited to join a couple days ago before it started and he said he was worried it would take control of GR so he didn't join.
  15. I have no interest in joining a NATION uniting the east wild.

    My opinion is different on a UNION.
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  16. Stoneguard has been added to the union. Led by lukafolz.
  17. Can you make a pledge to keep arguments out and to be respectful to other people's ideas?
  18. Uh. First you ask if he agrees with it, then you leave him out. Huh.
  19. The agree part was because he sent me a message saying he completely rejects the idea
  20. So now Stoneguard has been added?

    But you still want to outcast me?

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