The Community Idea/Proposal Thread

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  1. Welcome to the thread for every single idea and proposal for EMC!!

    What is this, you ask? Well, I'll tell you.

    The OP (Original Post) of this thread will (eventually) contain references to every single idea or proposal made via the forums. I will update the OP as I see fit to encompass new proposals as they come up. If you have or have seen a proposal thread that is not linked here, please reply to the thread with the idea and a link to it, and I will check it out and put it in the OP if necessary. It would be nice if, after I have taken your suggestion, to delete your comment so that we can avoid excess clutter on this thread. If you make a proposal thread, please post so here so that I may add it. Each idea will have a vote count accompanying it. If you like an idea, reply in this format:
    "<idea as stated in OP> [+1 for a 'like/yes' vote, -1 for a 'no/dislike' vote.]"

    Just like with suggestions, please delete your vote comment after it has been added.

    This thread is actually based off an idea by jkjkjk82 here.

    (Note that I will add more as we go along and I receive proposals.)

    Vote Count: +0 :: -0

    Summary: A shout box on the website (similar to chat) that allows users to leave quick messages for other players to read.

    (Diamond supporter perk proposal, only viewable by supporters)
    Vote Count: +0 :: -0

    Summary: A new perk for diamond supporters that would allow for them to have a portal on their residence which would teleport them to a specified location in the wild. More details in the thread.

    Vote Count: +0 :: -0

    Summary: A way to give someone build flag to one specific area. There are multiple proposals on exactly how to do this: see thread for more details.

    Vote Count: +0 :: -0

    Summary: Expanding the /p command to encompass /p [Res#], allowing you to get info on the owner of a residence solely by their res#.

    Vote Count: +0 :: -0

    Summary: A supporter only enchantment shop allowing for enchantments to be purchased, ie. purchasing Effiency Level V for 1000 rupees. More info in thread.

    I need more ideas, I am not a machine (though I wish I was.) Please reply with proposals!!

    PLEASE only suggest threads and not the ideas themselves. I will not be able to add your suggestion if you do not provide a link to a thread.
  2. I need ideas :(
  3. Bomb range plz?
  4. Credit cards and stocks on emc
  5. And also gift card to shops
  6. Please provide a link to a thread so I can see what you're talking about.
    Same as above.
    Same thing, though yours was easy to find :) It's now added, you can delete that now.
    Added, you can delete it now.
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