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Like my idea?

Yes. 7 vote(s) 87.5%
No. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Yes, but it needs to be refined/perfected more. 1 vote(s) 12.5%
  1. I think there should be a "post" at the top of every page of a forum (if the creator desires it) that says what people have previously stated, but in a shorter version (the creator sums it up in a way he/she/it deems fit). Lets say that user JamochaMcNuggets posts a thread asking for residence ideas. Since JamochaMcNuggets is so popular, the thread has 15 pages in four days. Currently, there would be about 87 million people saying "Dude make a community _______." But if what I am thinking about gets accepted, the "Ideas already suggested" (or whatever you want to call it) post would say "#1 Make a public _______."

    Does anyone else think this would be useful for eliminating repeat posts? Then the person could later make another thread with a vote on the suggested ideas. This idea would be most useful in debates, suggestion threads, and other discussions that could result in many pages. Nobody wants to read 15+ pages just to find out that their idea was suggested on page 14. And in an idea suggestion thread, you wouldnt need to read all the ideas that were previously suggested if my idea is accepted.

    Like my idea?:) Please suggest other features that could be added. If you are going to suggest anything, READ the other suggestions so that we dont repeat anything to often;)
  2. Seems like a good suggestion to me.
  3. I think I could make a post and add every idea, complete with a link to the thread and a brief summary of the idea, to the OP. Is that alright?
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  4. Sure! Just make a reference that this is where the basic/unrefined idea is posted so that other may suggest ideas to my "foundation/footing" of an idea:)
  5. Anyone else think this could be a good idea?
  6. The aforementioned thread is published and right here.
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