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  1. So this is not a normal AMA where you just ask the OP questions, in this AMA, you ask questions, and anyone can answer them! See a question that you feel like you should answer? Go ahead and answer it, and so will other people! Questions can be serious or not, but keep them appropriate.

    My question: If you could change how the education system works, how would you?

    My answer: Two things.

    Number one: Get rid of the idea of Zero Tolerance. This isn't strictly in schools, but it seems to come into play the most at schools. If you don't know what the idea of Zero Tolerance is, it's the idea that both the instigator and the victim should be punished in the same way, because they are both "part" of the problem. For an example, if someone starts to beat me up one day at school and I fight back in self defense, I will be punished in roughly the same way as the person who started the fight would be. If he gets an out of school suspension, I will get an out of school suspension. If you can't tell, this is really a terrible idea because it lets people become more of a victim. Kids won't stand up for themselves as much because they are scared of being punished for doing so. Its a horrible policy that fails are ending bullying by letting bully's win because they know that their victims won't fight back as much.

    Number two: Get rid of the idea of No Child Left Behind. Ever been in an English class where one person can barely read? You can thank this for that. The No Child Left Behind Act and it's different forms in other countries tries to keep all children of the same age in the same classes, which is a VERY bad idea. Take me for example. I am terrible at math, and because of this, I take a math class that teaches the same stuff as the normal classes, but goes over it more slowly and offers more help. This is how education should be done, not by age. Yes, keep the same ages together, but not in the same classrooms. Have the smarter kids go into classes with other smarter kids, and have those who might be struggling in a subject go into a class with others who struggle where they can receive more one on one help. This helps both the smarter kids and the ones who might struggle. It helps the smarter kids from being held back as much, and it helps those who struggle by giving them a place where they will be better able to succeed.
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  2. longer lunch and seminar
  3. My school divides us into 4 sets in an 'A' and 'B' half, and the special needs kids, or those with severe learning disabilities, go into a 'C'.

    I have discalculia, so i'm in B4 (bottom set) for maths. I'm in B3 (average, but delinquents. Which, obviously, I have no friends in because I'm not friends with chavs) for everything but Science, which i'm B2 in (above average). B1 is super above average. Same rules with A.
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  4. If we're going to do this... I'm in the top class for everything :p

    If we aren't doing this, ignore what I just said.
  5. What is your favourite animal?
  6. I really like otters but redpandas are super rad too.

    Do you believe that long distance relationships can work? If not, Why?
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  7. Personally, I don't think they would really work. You obviously do though ;)

    My main reasoning is that, even with the technology that exists today, it just isn't as personal and intimate as a real relationship should be for people to really know each other, and its probably more like that one you had when you were 8.
  8. Yes. It cuts all the unnecessary BS out of a close distance one :p
    It's a tough choice between a panda, a red panda, an axolotl, and a panther.

    I choose Canis Dirus.
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  9. Um, depends on what you mean by a relationship.
  10. That's a difficult one really, I personally think some do and some don't. Can't really beat a close relationship but I guess if there's love in it what more matters!

    What's your favourite Minecraft mob, and why?
  11. Friends are involved in 'friendships'.
    SO/Whatevers are involved in 'relationships'.
    Take a guess which one she was referring too. (To? My English is failing today.)
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  12. Considering that I'm currently in a long distance relationship, I'd have to say that they are about as viable as a regular relationship. It's not as intimate as a physical relationship, sure, but technology today does a pretty good job of supplementing that. They have their own set of difficulties, but all relationships do.

    New question: what is your favorite RPG, if you have one?
  13. Pokemon without a doubt.
  14. All of the Fallout games, apart from Tactics and Brotherhood of Steel. And also all of the Elder Scrolls games apart from Arena and Online. Reasons?
    Tactics isn't canon, and I found it to be quite boring. Brotherhood of Steel is just awful and is the sole reason i'm glad that Interplay no longer owns Fallout :p
    Arena was a terrible, boring game with so much potential. And Online was an awful idea anyway, and its pricetag and gameplay are even more awful. Its a shame - it has a story line set in the one war I would love to play an Elder Scrolls game in.

    QUESTION! What is your favourite cancelled game of all time?
    Mine is probably the Fallout MMO - which is being continued as Project V13 :3