The comeback of... well... me!

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  1. Hey everyone!

    TL;DR version first: I've decided to come back, but I need help figuring out what I should be doing once I join.

    I was an active player on EMC for a while back when I first joined, but then I got caught up in mod packs, and felt like the vanilla Minecraft experience lacked something, and subsequently I left EMC. I've been on-and-off active on the forums since back then, but I haven't really played on the servers.

    I've decided now that I want to start playing on EMC again, but I don't know exactly what I want to be doing. Before, I was just playing like I was playing single player, but then I might as well play single player, eh? So now, I'm trying to come up with what I should be doing once I come back. I want to do something that benefits others more than myself. I have pretty much settled on two options, but I don't know which one I should go for.

    Choice one is to create/procure items for sale (i.e. set up a shop) to help people getting the items they need to make their creations. You know, setting up farms, whether food items or trees, or making smooth stone/stone brick, get a bunch of sheep and get wool, etc. I utterly suck at making creations myself, so I'd be more happy to have my work go towards other people's works. It doesn't hurt that I'd make a little money in the process either. :D

    Choice two is to join one of the wilderness outposts, for the same reason that I would set up a shop, minus the money making: To help gather resources and such, for others to make use of, only in this case, I won't just be an impersonal retailer to buy items from, but instead I'd be a productive member of a team. The problem with this idea, is that there are so many outposts out there, and I wouldn't know which one to pick from, or if they'd even want me as part of their team, were I to choose one. Even more: If I join an old, established group, I'd assume they'd continue existing, and so I wouldn't have to worry that my work would be for naught, but on the other hand, it's already up and running, and my work might not be so needed. If I join a new, beginning group, my work would probably be much more useful and appreciated, but on the other hand, I won't know if they will still exist a month from now...

    Input, tips and opinions on my choices are certainly welcome. I hope you all will welcome me back with open arms. :) And as always: Sorry for the wall of text. :p
  2. Welcome back, Alex. :)

    First of all, where's the "Rule studier" signature? D:

    But I can't really suggest anything without knowing your play-style and what interests you...What did you do last time? I always suggest playing in the exact opposite way. :)
  3. I got a little tired of it. :p I think I'll stick to no signature for a while longer.

    I played like I do on single player, which is to say, I gather materials, improve my tools, weapons and armor, and then just continue gathering stuff, and build up my residence. I gets boring, obviously. :p Which is why I'm trying to think of what to do this time. I want to be more involved with other players, which is why I thought a shop or joining an outpost might be fun.
  4. Ahhh. Well then, I suggest doing both of them - why not? :D If you get tired of the shop, head out to an outpost and interact
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  5. Welcome back! Joining an outpost would very much expand your socialization in the world of EMC. I hope you get what you are looking for out there. :3 Welcome back once more, and if you see me in-game be sure to say hi!
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  6. Haha I remember you, you were my old neighbor next to 3118. Welcome back man!
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  7. Aye, you're the one with the buildings that are supposedly owned by the US government or something, eh? :p
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  8. Welcome back Alex. Maybe your post is the reason why I woke up at 5am randomly.
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  9. Woooot! I wondered if you were back since you've been posting lately :) Welcome Back.
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  10. I vote you join an outpost. More fun out in the wild!
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  11. The New Republic will happily accept you once we have room for more members :)
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  12. It is new, but with many experienced members.
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  13. It wouldn't be the New Republic if it weren't new ;)
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  14. Okay guys, I know the New Republic is an option now. Let's stay on topic. :)
  15. With the outpost thing - you should definitely join the LLO. I'm currently taking a little break from there, due to too many griefings and not having enough time or resources to dedicate to those griefings, but will return eventually. You should join there if you want to join a large, developed outpost, but one that recieves multiple griefings weekly.

    Welcome back, btw! :D
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  16. Yeah...that's going to attract A LOT of members. /sarcasm
  17. SMP7 Wild - Violent Thunderstorms with a 20% chance of griefing.
  18. To any wild community requiring a reference, Alex has a strong recommendation from me.
  19. We could also start our own wild base.. <,< ..I have been trying to work up enough rupees to go on a scouting expedition but so far, I can only produce items that don't sell very well, because.. well, I forget how to make my machina magnifica, as I haven't built them in like 6 months.. :oops:
  20. Heeeelloooo Alexschrod!!!!
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