The changing of spawns

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  1. So.... it's happened. The new spawn with portals to the wastelands (currently not activated) is now at its place on SMP1.. It looks much nicer than the old one. :)

    2013-02-02_18.51.56.png 2013-02-02_18.43.25.png 2013-02-02_18.51.56.png 2013-02-02_18.55.58.png 2013-02-02_18.56.08.png 2013-02-02_18.56.19.png 2013-02-02_18.56.44.png
  3. This is unacceptable :mad: You dont have me in the picture
  4. Am I the only one who DIDN'T hear about the wastelands?
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  5. What are the wastelands?
  6. I'm confused...
  7. Add me to the above party.
  8. they were discussed in one of the original dragon tomb threads...
  9. That does not really answer our question.
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  10. Oh i know they were discussed, and that they were being planned, but i missed the part where they said they are coming in 1.5:confused:
  11. I did not know that the wastelands were being discussed and I still do not know what the hell they are...
  12. Wasteland is a place where Aikar keeps his Hords of Silverfish at bay from slaughtering us all. Lol
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  13. Is wasteland another name for dystopia?
  14. from what i remember, the wilderness we have at current will remain forever as a land claimable area,
    and the wasteland will be reset with each game update that requires a reset. don't quote me on this thought, confirmation from a moderator/jack is needed.
  15. no
  16. Nope.
    The wilderness used to be a wasteland without a live-map and a few other things, and more people used the wild, so Justin got rid of the wastelands and replaced it with the Wild. Due to popular demand, Aikar and Justin are bringing the Wastelands back in 1.5.

    The wastelands will be reset every update, by the way.
  17. I know it looks so cool.
  18. In the
    waste lands is it ok to make Giant quarys around the spawn?
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  19. Also how do you get the cocoured names?