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  1. The Cat is... nearly back.

    As you should know, I'm Kitten. And I've been nearly unbanned, after 6 months and a long period of changing my ways.
    I am male, kitten3101 is a username I have had for many years now and have never bothered to change my name.
    I did think about changing it on Minecraft, but decided not to, as nearly everyone knows me by the name kitten3101.

    My other family member, CooperCatCycling(WhiskasCat), had his account originally named after the family cat, Cooper.

    My name however, kitten3101, references the birthday of Cooper the Cat, January 31st.

    My plans for Empire Minecraft are as follows.
    * Build up Ascend, my all-new company designed to provide to all sectors of the economy. Tertiary, Secondary, Quaternary, and Primary. All will be serviced.
    * Make a wide range of grinders for my plans. This will allow me to gain various rare materials such as diamonds(enraged mobs), gold(gold farm), iron(iron farm), rotten flesh(zombie grinder), string(spider grinder), bones(skeleton grinder).
    What would I do with all of these materials you ask? I will tell you.
    The diamonds would be used for stock in my shop(more later)and to make armour and tools. And for bartering, as you can't fail to barter with other players. The gold would be used for well, selling really. And for decoration. Gold will also be used for bartering, and it will be auctioned off by me in massive quantities. Eg: One DC of Gold Blocks. Rotten flesh will be used for Ascend Pet Food, and for selling to villages in 1.8, as about 32 RF equals 1 Emerald. This will be very useful for auto-grinders, as I could go AFK, be "at school", and come back later to find DCs of Rotten Flesh, which I can easily trade for a fortune with villagers. It seems I missed out iron, so I will now do a talk about iron. Iron will be sold in massive quantities as well, I have plans for an iron farm about 10x as large as the one in Volt City from looking on the live map. This iron farm will allow you to buy "passes", allowing me to make money when life catches up to me and I can't grind using the computer and instead have to use the computer to work. Oh, and for you to dig into the profits that could be made. All of this will be protected when DT comes out, so passes will be worth it when the farm becomes very secure! String will be used to make flooring, as I love wool, much better than carpet. Bones will be used for bone meal, so I can make a tree farm with enchanted axes and therefore run a massive logging business! Ascend Oak Village will be the place to go if you want to buy some quality oak.
    * Make a massive shop! This shop will be stacked with top-of-the-range items, including quality oak boats of course, along with furniture.
    * Start a furnishing company! You may adore the designs of the many builders, but when it comes to interior design, you should call kitten!
    * A railway company! This company will provide services around many places I want to build, including my many metropolises I will once more embark to create! It will also create some worthy rollercoasters, located not far from SMP9 town spawn! Some will even be built in my metropolises with the DT update!
    * I plan to live in Neorepopolis for a little while, before I embark to the north, with a simple canal route I have planned that will allow me to transfer items through the northern seas and past Pazzo into the ocean I have named the Germanian Ocean.
    * Purchase! I plan to overtake Monarch as the leading property company, and I hope I can overtake Cavalier in industry too! Nothing like friendly competition!
    * Build! We will become a huge building contractors company.
    * Money! I will start a Casino, which will be built at a later date and will be approved by staff before it opens!

    And for more...

    I have decided to come back after some "bad experiences" on servers where people can build complex projects.

    My first bad experience was being "pearled" on CENSORED after accidentally punching someone off a cliff with my 5 fps.
    My second bad experience was being robbed by someone who just wanted to make me have a bad day on CENSORED.
    My third bad experience was being pearled on another server, CENSORED(the same censored as the last censored). I had dug a hole to stay alive(Jungle crisis repeat anyone? This time with an honest kitten?), and was pearled by a nation called "Moria" for trying to survive in their land. The official Moran (Please don't make any bad puns) verdict was that I was mining diamonds (RealisticBiomes).
    My fourth bad experience on the server where I was pearled(the one where most of my bad experiences were), was that guess what?
    I asked for help, and one of the Morans told me to "commit suicide with a 9mm.", and that I was a "******* idiot."

    I also quit Reddit itself (the server used a sub-reddit) after this, as this was the final nail in the coffin. Before that I had had all of my posts downvoted because of my "obsession with the rules".

    My obsession was me winning a debate, which they didn't like.

    Rant about annoying people on the internet over.

    One thing that I still notice is that people hate me for my 2nd NR fiasco: Why? I've apologised?
    And a note: I can be quite defensive.

    So sorry.

    And I'm happy (personally) to be back. Hope to see you soon!
    PS: Last note. About the recent open letter thread, I tried to keep it civil. However, as I have stated, I am defensive, and what happened was not what I would call constructive criticism. Also being told by people who I have never even met that I should get the hacksaw treatment is also not appreciated.
    tl;dr: read it, someone tells me to commit suicide
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  2. Welcome back kitten! I hope you can create better and happier experiences on emc. See ya around! :)
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  3. I assume you have an appeal running and well, maybe it's a little premature to already post, but even so it does seem you try to keep a positive attitude, and that's good. However, I won't welcome you back until after the fact ;)

    Yeah, smart thinking. And, considering your situation, I also think it shows a bit of willingness to come clean and start over. After all; assuming you do win your appeal it'd be all too easy to rename your account and try to pretend as if nothing happened. Seems more honest to me that you're not trying to run away from your past but instead try to face it.

    As intriguing as some of your plans sound (the rail road company sounds like a cool idea) I also hope it includes plans to stay out of trouble?

    Now, I read that you are a little defensive about some stuff, and I can sure respect that. It's a good idea to try and set things behind you and focus on the future to start all over. In fact, I think that's probably the better idea. However, and I don't mean any disrespect here, I also can't help note that you have run into quite a bit of issues as of late. I understand, and respect, that you have your own opinion about those events. But I would also like to note that in general 'where two people "fight"...'.

    This... From one person who sometimes rants a little (sometimes maybe a bit too much) to the other...

    Some well meant advice at the assumption that the staff would agree with your appeal and gives you a second chance... Stay clear of those people who might still not like and/or mistrust you. Don't try to call them out, don't try to confront them with "the past is the past and should be left behind". In fact, if you do run into people you know from your past I wouldn't go much further than optionally greeting them and leaving it there.

    Keep in mind that everyone picks things up in a different manner. Some people are able to put the past behind them and try to start all over. Others will need more time and convincing that you really are who you claim to be and have actually changed. And those are most likely also the kind of players who may approach you with a bit of mistrust, maybe even a sense of hostility. And that's where I'd advise you to really let go of being defensive and instead accept that it is happening, don't try to go out of your ways and just accept the fact that some people still don't trust you and will probably need a little more time.

    I'm approaching this with a non-biased mind anyway because all I know at this point is that you got banned a long time ago, and that happened a long time before I joined. No need to dig into that, lets leave the past behind us. But yah... You seem to really want to try and come clean, so this is what comes to my mind when reading your plans.

    You're not quite there yet young grasshopper ;)

    As said, I checked and you're still banned on the server but do have access to the forums. So, if you're really serious about all this then go to and find the moderator who banned you. You can easily find out by trying to connect to the server once (don't spam this, you don't want to give out the wrong signal) and read the ban reason. It should list the moderator.

    Then go to that page I mentioned above and find him/her in the list, click their name and appeal using the link on their profile. If they're not there then use the link at the bottom.

    Advice: be sincere, be honest and don't make promises you can't keep.

    Let's be positive and hope for the best. From both ends. Good luck!
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  4. Let us know when the unbanning come around. See you then.;)
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  5. When I say back I mean back on the forums.

    And yes, the plans do involve staying out of trouble.

    I've appealed to Krysyy and a reply won't take long.
  6. So, does this mean you're not on moderator watch anymore?
    I'm sorry, I didn't read the entire thread, as I'm very busy, but this thread caught my eye.
    I'm glad you'll be back, and I hope you'll remember to think before you act! :)
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  7. Not yet.
  8. Welcome back kitten3101 (whom I have never seen before) :D
  9. Welcome back, no need to mention your bad expirences
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  10. Interesting plan. You and VoxelRay could work to make a functioning rail company, he is the master of rails after all ;) good luck with the appeal