The Box - What one thing would you add to EMC?

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  1. Imagine if no technical limitations existed and Justin had the knowledge and time to create anything. Imagine if anything could be added and nothing bad would happen. Well, however impossible that is in the real world, everything is possible in The Box...

    Say you've been given the power to add any one thing to the Empire. You can't remove anything, just create. Whatever you add, everyone will love and there will be no disagreements over. It will work perfectly in every single way. You can add literally anything, from more chat channels to giant hamsters invading town. So, what one thing would you add?
  2. Extra Awesome.
  3. YES
  4. A rupee storage system so you don't over spend at shops.
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  5. lol. maybe long-term investments?
  6. an infinite entity limit that never lagged the servers....
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  7. Grief Protection.
  8. I would add an integrated shop directory.
    This would allow you to find shops in-game that have the item you want in stock.
    It would tell you the res number, how many items cost how much, and how many you can buy/sell.
    An example usage of this plugin would be:

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  9. Something...
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  10. Redstone pay signs, IE

    Sends pulse for 2 seconds

    like shop sign but it lets you pay to press a button (automated casinos)
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  11. Fire.. Everything on fire 24/7...

    I mean uh.. Butterflies. :D
  12. I think ummmmm...... Rupee saver so you can store rupees like a bank!! :):cool::D
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  13. and you can spend all the money you have at a shop knowing that you have rupees in your bank!
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  14. This is how I feel too. :D

    I don't know how to Generate Memes or whatever, I just found this one. I know, so original haha.
  15. A working tardis that was truly bigger on the inside than on the outside. And had a certain doctor at the controls :cool:
  16. Circles. 'nuff said
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  17. I would make it so that there were job centers on each server where you could do certain tasks to earn money such as Wool Farming, Pumpkin Farming, Melon Farming etc.
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