the border of minecraft

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  1. if you dont know there is a border to minecraft what if someone was to walk to there
  2. If you are in the frontier, the border is practically unlimited. If you are in the wastelands, you hit an invisible barrier and are warned in chat that you have reached the edge of the map. Not sure of the exact wording.
  3. in minecraft technically there is a border after 30,000,000 blocks then it still generates terrain but it has no phsyics
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  4. I don't think anyone would walk to 30 million blocks.
  5. Not with that attitude.
  6. ur correct
  7. And it would cause many more chunks that the server has to load and save.
  8. If you reach the end of the miencraft world (commonly known as the far lands) you will run into an invisible wall. I tested this on sp using the tp command. It isn't as exciting as in previous versions, but it does prevent you from having a lag attack.
  9. i think it would be cool for someone to reach the far lands
  10. Oh wait, I completely forgot EMC is still in 1.7... :rolleyes: