The book thread.

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  1. This thread is for books that you like, and others may like.

    You can post different kinds of books, please state the kind, like fiction, nonfiction, romantic, adventurous, ect.
    Please no very detailed adult novels.
    Do not criticize others preferences, respect them and what they like, don't judge the book by its cover.... or title. *punpunpunpun*

    Please put the target age group for your book, and maybe give a short summary. Thanks!
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  2. Green Eggs and Ham is my all time favorite book. It's fiction :p By Dr. Seuss. I read it so much as a kid that I have it mostly memorized. My husband also bought it for me once I got to North Carolina. :)
  3. The Hunger Games.
    The Hunger Games Is about Katniss, the skilled hunter, that volunteers for her sister in the Hunger Games, a battle to the death about the capitols power. Age group: Tween-Teen
    If you haven't read this book ^ Well you have missed out a lot, its a 3 part series.
    Author: Suzanne Collins

    The Host.
    This must be my favorite book so far.
    It is about an alien race of Souls that take over Earth and other planets.
    They are much more advanced in the ways of space travel and medicine, they take their hosts bodies and get rid of their minds. In this story you will follow the story of Melanie/Wanderer and their struggle to survive together.
    Age group: Tween-Teen
    This book is a romantic sci-fi type of book. It is by the same author of Twilight.
    Author: Stephenie Meyer

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  4. I wonder how you even bought a minecraft account then :rolleyes:
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  5. Touche :cool:
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  6. I am too lazy to post a summary of these, just look then up for yourself.
    Here are some books I really like. Some these books my contain adult content.
    Anthem, Fiction
    The Mistborn Trilogy, Fantasy
    Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Fantasy
    The Harry Potter series, Fantasy
    Othello, Historical Fiction
    King Lear, Historical Fiction
    Macbeth, Historical Fiction
    Hamlet, Historical Fiction
    The Lord of the Rings, Fantasy
    Crime and Punishment, Fiction
    World War Z, Fiction
    Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Fiction
    The Zombie Survival Guide, Fiction
    Fahrenheit 451, Fiction
    Something Wicked This Way Comes, Fiction
    The Screwtape Letters, Fiction
    Frankenstein, Horror
    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Horror
  7. Getting a strong desire to judge a book by it's cover...
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  8. Fablehaven ( best book series i have EVER read. )

    Gone by Micheal grant )
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  9. All the Tolkien books, pretty sure a summary isn't needed here.
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  10. Haha, its not like twilight... its kinda like a love square..... kinda..... I dont know.
    But its a good book.
    It doesn't have sparkly vampires and overly shirtless wolves.
  11. The World According To Garp
  12. The Percy Jackson series.
    About a kid who finds out he's a demigod.And he faces many challenges in his life.For example he has to face the army of Titans with only a small camp of other demigods(It may sound boring but trust me it isnt)Its a fictional book
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  13. This must be my favorite book series of all time. This is the first book, but i LOVE it sooooo! much! :D
    There are 6 books in all :)
    This is also a good book, though not as good as Dark hills divide
    This is also the first book. there are 9 books in the series
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  14. Hm…
    The Seems was a pretty good book series when I was in sixth grade. Still pretty good concept.
    Department 19 is a pretty epic series too…
    Perks of Being a Wallflower (contains mature content) was a great book.
    Michael Crichton's books are all pretty good. :)
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  15. As an avid lover of books, it is hard to decide for sure.
  16. I just thought of something. Could we add Manga we've read? It's a book. Well, kinda like comic books but they tell stories and you have to read.
  17. The Hobbit ._.
    Its about Bilbo Baggins (a hobbit), who travels with the Dwarves and Gandalf to fight Smaug the dragon and recover the treasure he hides :)
    I think most of us know about it, its a really good book. :D
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  18. I've read some good ones here are a few:
    Unwind: Sci-Fi, it takes place in present day and it is about abortion being outlawed but when your kids turn 13 you can choose to "Unwind" them and have all their organs and limbs donated to people in need.
    Maximum Ride: Sci-Fi and Adventure, It is about 6 kids who all have special powers and who all had avian (Bird) DNA grafted into them when they were embryos so now they have wings and can fly.
    Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Adventure and Fiction, It is about a kid who is actually the son of the greek god Poseidon.
  19. Ender's Game
    by Orson Scott Card
    In the future, Earth is attacked by an alien race, but barely manages to fend off the first wave. In anticipation of the second wave, the nations of Earth send their brightest children to Battle School, where they learn to be military commanders. This book follows Andrew "Ender" Wiggins, a particularly gifted boy, as he rises through the ranks of Battle School, and learns the truth about the war.
    This book is recognized as one of the greatest science fiction books of all time. Also, it will be released as a movie November 1, 2013. So read it before it's cool!
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  20. I also used to carry stacks of manga with me at school. Often 10+ volumes at a time.