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Do you enjoy reading other players' written books?

Yes. 12 vote(s) 85.7%
Meh. 2 vote(s) 14.3%
Not really. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. (Note: This thread is intended for written books, not enchanted books.)
    Hello, Empire Minecraft. I've noticed that the popularity of in-game book stores and libraries seems to have died down. This is largely because of the original difficulties involved with selling written books. But with the new shop update, selling written books is now easy and feasible on a large scale (Read this thread to see how to use the [Slot ##] shop system).
    The purpose of this thread is to let players advertise their bookstores/libraries/book-based products and businesses, and to help answer any questions players might have about written books on EMC. If you have a bookstore, library, newspaper, or any other product/business centered around written books, or if you know someone who does, then feel free to post it here! I'll add it to the OP. Just be sure to include the owner's player name, residence number, and a basic description of the business. A list of available books and prices would be nice (please use spoilers if your post is extremely long).
    Also, if you have a book/series you'd like to sell, feel free to post about it here so that buyers and re-sellers can contact you.
    Now let's get posting! I'd like to have a variety of books available to read on EMC!

    Click here to learn about the Bookz mod (EMC-approved). It makes copying and editing written books much easier, and allows you to copy/paste entire books (but not forge signatures). It also lets you import/export books via .txt files.

    List of book-based businesses:
    Currently there are no entries.

    List of books and available purchase areas:
    "for a rainy day" by jacob5089
    "Forgiveness" by jtc0999 (in progress)
  2. I've actually wanted to write a book series for a while, but was worried people might not buy it. Thanks for posting this! You've inspired me to jump right on it!
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  3. I'm confused where do I put the TOOLS folder?
  4. Hey, i write TONS of series's, and i give them away for free :)
    People LOVE to read them, and that's how i got my biggest fan, Amusedstew.
  5. I have a book for sale. I'd like to mass produce it a bit though first. Thanks for the mod. I'll try to figure out how to download it :/
    The book is titled for a a rainy day
    By jackb5089
  6. The Mod has not been updated to 1.5.1
  7. Yes it has. I just clicked the link and looked.
  8. I tried installing the mod without the TOOLS folder and it worked fine. As long as you put the .class files from the "PUT IN MINECRAFT" folder into the minecraft.jar file, and delete meta-inf, it should work. Those files are:
    I don't really know what the TOOLS folder is for. If you want to use magic launcher instead, don't use the zip file you get from the download link. Instead, put the 3 .class files I listed into a separate .zip file, and use that file as your mod file. I recommend naming that file "Bookz 1.5".
  9. Then i downloaded an out of date version -_-
  10. jtc up there, has a good series you guys may wanna check out.
  11. Told ya so :p
    Biggest fan xD
    EDIT: I'm starting a new series called Forgiveness, if anyone's interested.
    Don't worry Amused, i haven't abandoned Delta Team 2.0 xD
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  12. Sounds amazing, might have to try it out! Maybe there could be a main emc library where players could write books and they could be sold for a cheap price! :)
  13. Hmmm I know just the place for it....
    What I have an unused res in SMP 1 that could be a library.