How to make selling multiple enchanted books possible.

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  1. I recently decided to start selling enchanted books and quickly learned about the bugs with shops. Normally with the [slot ##] option players have to replace the book after each sale. this makes selling enchanted items rather tedious and unappealing.

    After Scouring the forums for nearly 3 hours for a possible solution i found a method that actually works.

    It turns out that the plugins responsible for the shops counts chest slots backwards! This means that creating a shop that starts at [slot 1] will sell only the item in that slot. Because of this no matter how many items you place in the chest you will have to manually refill the slot after every sale.

    Luckily there is a way around this issue. Simply create a shop with the item code [slot 27] for a single chest and [slot 54] for a double chest. Finally sort the items from the last chest slot backwards to the first. I have tested this method extensively and know first hand that it works.

    Hope This Helps,
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