The Big Furnace

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  1. This is a small, effective furnace (All credit goes to Night_Triumph).

    Step one: Gathering materials

    As this is a small project, it doesn't require a couple thousand rupees to build, in fact I suggest mining for iron to get enough iron for more than on furnace. The raw materials included

    -12 wood logs
    -8 cobblestone
    -15 Iron

    That's it! Processed building blocks:

    -3 chests
    -3 hoppers
    -1 furnace

    Step 2: Setup

    The first step is placing a furnace, like this:

    Step two: Chest placement

    Place the chest one block above the furnace, to the bottom right, and the top right, like so:
    Step three: Hoppers, again like so NOTE: make the hoppers connect to the target, by Shift+RMOUSE on the target. the targets:

    Top chest: furnace
    Top right chest: furnace
    Furnace: bottom left chest.
    I hope this helped! Again, all credit to Night_Triumph, ask any questions!

    Put the fuel in top right chest, raw item in top, and it comes out the bottom!

    Pros: much larger fuel and materials input
    Cons: No XP from smelting.
  2. Very good and simple design, +1
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  3. A good idea thenks.
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  4. Very nicely explained, I will be using this method to smelt cobble into stone at the NR! :)
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  5. I use it for the same thing at my outpost too :)
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  6. It's best to use it with bulk smelting, and other that usually are smelted in bunches, like cobble, or sand :)
  7. wow, thats a great idea... I'll use it on my plot XD which is basically an odd-job shop.
    btw: contact me if you need an odd-job done, like getting mterials, or flooring, etc.
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  8. But you don't get the experience, or?
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  9. Well thanks Lukas, you're right, I am breaking off my furnace build now.. Meh I didn't realise this earlier, and I've used it that much before that I've thrown away a few dozen of lvls :/
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  10. Nice work! :D
  11. It's in the Pros and Cons, you won't get experience but it is a very good design to smelt things quickly.
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  12. What he said! Although the furnace is built to smelt lots, and does so smoothly, since they are so cheap I like setting up two or three to get the job done!
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  13. I had a few more then 2 or 3 :D
  14. Indeed, impressive!
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