The Big Dig (December 16 @ 9pm EMC)

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  1. It's time for another
    Big Dig Event

    Hosted by : JDHallows

    When? 8PM EMC time
    Where? TBD, Location announced in game a few minutes prior

    What is this thing you are talking about??
    Well I am glad you asked, really. You see, this event, unlike FNM, is made so a large group of people can get together and clear a predetermined space from air to bedrock. Yes, to bedrock.
    This is all about getting people getting together and destroying a beautiful piece of land. There is no fighting about ores and minerals and there is no digging straight down. It's all about digging together layer by layer and seeing what's there (wow I rhymed).
    Come join the fun and get some great minerals.
  2. Sounds fun, I'll probably be busy on Monday though so won't be able to make it. Hope all of you that attend have fun! :)
    This part especially :p
  3. Monday? :(
  4. Loving The Name, and good time! Ill propably attend!
  5. Sounds fun, lets do it.:D
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  6. I will be at work then but I will try to make it! Sounds like fun. If only I got people to help me do this around my witch farm :p
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  7. I picked that time cause of our chats. Plus this can take a while if not enough people show or we pick to big and area. Looking forward to seeing everyone there
  8. Nice! We should dig out a big creeper face into The Landscape! That way its visible and recognizeable from the map :D
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  9. Is this a death event? Cause smp6 is the only place where I pvp. Will I die, because I swear I will rage with all of my might if I die.
  10. Just don't dig straight down ;)
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  11. I'll be on vacation in Morocco, so I unfortunately won't be there... First one I'm missing D:

    Buuuut... I may be taking a laptop with me so who knows xD
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  12. You won't die unless you just can't survive the wild.

    And here is no digging straight down. We go layer by layer
  13. I might be able to come.
  14. I can't really survive the wild, But I ca bring a good shovel that has silk and efficiency and go layer by layer. I'll go!
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  15. the last hole we did.. noone missed on the map
    it was beautiful.. and dangerous :D
  16. I went through 15 picks or so last time. There is lots of people so death shouldn't be a thing
  17. Oh that boosts my Self-Esteem of going there -_-
  18. Bring your voters gear (if you have it) that way if you do die, you won't lose your good stuff.
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  19. That means I need to bring am anvil or two :D
    What size was that last hole.
  20. The last one we did was about 90x90 the first 100x100. Depending on the amount of people who show up in thinking 85x85
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