The Best and Worst of 2013

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  1. So I think I did a similar thread last year, just discussing what you thought were some of the best (and worst) moments of 2012. Well here is 2013's edition! Feel free to 'answer' as many or as little as you like.

    Best Game-
    Best Movie/Film-
    Best TV Show-
    Best Artist-
    Best Song-
    (add more if you like and you can also do the worst/letdown)

    My 'answers'
    Best Game- GTA V (Haven't had the chance to play The Last of Us)

    Best Movie/Film: We're the millers
    Best TV Show- Breaking Bad
    Best Artist- Bastille (2nd Calvin Harris and 3rd Daft Punk)
    Best Song- Get Lucky (Daft Punk ft Pharrell Williams, I have literally listened to this song 100's of times :p)

    My letdown game of the year is Dead Island: Riptide :p
  2. Best game: mjnecraft, as it's the only game i actively play
    Best TV show: Big Bang Theory
    Best artist: Glitch Mob / Bastille (Pompeii)
    Best song: Bad Wings
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  3. Best Game: AC 4
    Best Movie: The Desolation of smaug
    Best TV show: Doctor Who?
    Best Artist: Fun maybe? Idk... :p
    Best Song: Some nights
  4. Best Game-AC4
    Best Movie/Film-too many good ones
    Best TV Show- Walking Dead
    Best Artist- Eminem
    Best Song- Rap god(Eminem)
    Letdown Game- NBA 2k14 fo xbox 360 and ps3
    Worst Movie- Grown Ups 2
    Worst TV show- All the new shows on Disney and Nickelodeon
    Worst artist- Miley Cyris
    Worst song- Open Gangnam Style
  5. Best Game- The Last of Us
    Best Movie/Film- Tied between Monster University and The Croods
    Best TV Show- Breaking Bad or Gravity Falls
    Best Artist- Imagine Dragons or Macklemore
    Best Song- One love by Macklemore
  6. Best Game- GTAV hands down./If I played PS3 The last of us, or for next gen Ive watched a DR3 lets play and that game is epic!
    Best Movie/Film- Grownups 2
    Best TV Show- NCIS/NCIS L.A (even though its an ongoing series for years.)
    Best Artist- Imagine Dragons
    Best Song- Radioactive (even though after listening to the song for 10hrs straight I refuse to ever listen to it again...)
  7. You have betrayed us all :(
  8. Going to see that in a few days, everyone says its amazing, so I hope it is.

    Sorry for x2 post :p
  9. Best Game-Minecraft
    Best Movie/Film- Thor the Dark World
    Best TV Show- Mr. Young(Only in Canada)
    Best Artist-Miley Cyris
    Best Song- Wrecking Ball
    Worst Game- Call of Duty Black ops 2
    Worst Move/Film- Frozen
    Worst TV Show- Talk Shows
    Worst Artist- Justin Bebier
    Worst Song- Baby
  10. i couldnt think of what else to put... im changing it later... i put it because i didnt really like how it ended... i have to say it did make me laugh
  11. My favourite game(s) are pokemon X and Y
    Best moive was Man of Steel
    Ironic golems are epic.

    Worst thing in 2013 was that t
    I killed an iron golem for get stuck in the wall.
    That is all mr 2013...
  12. Best game: BF4
    Best Movie: Catching fire
    Best tv show: eh, I lost faith in tv after "best funeral ever", and "we move animals" came on
    Best artist: Glitch mob, by far
    Best song: Lose yourself to Dance

    Basically my opinion on 13's entertainment industry, down hill fast.
  13. Best Game- A tie between Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (one of only three games to ever make me cry) and Bioshock: Infinite. (I haven't finished LoZ: A Link Between Worlds yet, so I can't really take that into consideration.)
    Best Movie/Film- I don't watch that many movies. Hell, the only movie I watched that came out this year was Man of Steel, and that was a steaming pile of ****.
    Best TV Show- I don't watch any TV really.
    Best Artist- Hmm... another impossible tie between Norma Jean and The Dillinger Escape Plan.
    Best Song-

  14. Oh, yeah, great song. :) Except when certain people somehow think "Night to get lucky" is "Mexican Monkey" and create an extremely annoying dance in which they hop around, scratching their armpits, and going "Ooh ooh ooh" like some sort of deranged ape. -_-
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  15. Most of these have nothing to do with 2013...

    Best Game: The Last Of Us
    Best Movie: The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug or Catching Fire.
    Best TV Show - I don't watch T.V unless it's Doctor Who or The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad...
    Best Artist - Krewella or Calvin Harris or Ellie Goulding... I don't even know -.- Or Coldplay maybe.
    Best Song - ENJOY THE RIDE :p
    Worst Game - Call Of Duty: Ghosts.
    Worst Movie/Film: Err... I don't know...
    Worst Artist: Miley Cyrus
    Worst Song: Wrecking Ball
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  16. Best Game- Battman arkham origins
    Best Movie/Film- Hobbit 2
    Best TV Show-
    Best Artist- I guess Imagine dragons but I don't really pay attention to artists
    Best Song- I like a lot of songs so can't really choose :p
  17. Best game: GTA 5 definitely
    Best movie: We're the millers
    Best tv show: Breaking bad or the walking dead. Maybe agents of shield
    Best artist: Miley cyrus
    Best song: Wrecking ball, although I didn't like much the song itself
  18. You disgrace me, brother. Plus, you've hardly played it :p
  19. ...
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  20. Best Game- The Last of Us ;-;
    Best Movie/Film- Pacific Rim
    Best TV Show- I hardly watch TV :p
    Worst Artist- The "woman" on the wrecking ball