The Beginner's Guide to EMC

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  1. Starting out on EMC may seem hard or confusing at first, but after reading this guide, you'll be ready for anything!

    Your first login: So, you stumbled across Empire Minecraft! You've obviously already chosen a server to live on, so the first thing you're going to want to do is find yourself a residence. By typing /visit open or /v open, you'll be teleported straight to a fresh residence, that isn't owned by anybody. To claim this residence as your own, type /claim [Res Number]. Obviously, you're going to write the actual res number instead. Now, you have your own residence!

    Starting out:
    If you're on Empire because of a friend, check their shop out (if they have one) or head on over to the official EMC shop! Conveniently, there is one on every server, so you don't have to travel back and forth between servers. In order to create space for your belongings you're about to buy, here is the recommended list of items I put together.

    Diamond Spade
    Diamond Pickaxe
    Diamond Sword (If you're planning a trip to the wilderness.)
    2 Stacks of 64 blocks.
    2 Chests

    Now, you're not going to need to buy food, because EMC's town world is protected from hunger. Not only does it protect you from losing hunger, but the town protects anything that can deduct health from you. The entire townworld is free of everything that's mean or green (Or both) too.

    Building your first EMC creation:
    Here's my rule I lived by for my first month: Start small. Your first building doesn't need to be 256 blocks high to be effective. By creating a small 8x8x8 setup, you will have enough space (2 levels) to sell all of the items you collect via the farms I'll be showing you. Or, your the building you make can be for your storage and you could create an outside shop, it's completely up to you.

    How to make easy rupees: The Beginner's Guide:
    Down the page I'll be showing you 3 different farms you can create, they're easy and once harvested make the perfect beginner's shop items.

    2013-06-02_16.06.30.png (These farms are made in Creative mode on a single-player world of mine. I only have one bucket of water in EMC lol) This is the first and easiest farm to make. It requires the following items:
    1 to 3 Water Buckets
    1 Hoe of any sort
    6 Seeds of any sort
    Create this farm as shows with your equipment, wait & harvest, then it's time to sell your crops! Now, onto the next rupee-making option! 2013-06-02_16.11.20.png
    This is the second easiest farm option, and to create it you'll need:
    Around 13 sugarcane
    20 Sand
    2 Water Buckets
    I find this creation not only helpful for harvesting, but for decoration as well. I have made fountains with sugarcane before, and for the classiest newbies, this may be the best choice as it serves two purposes. Just copy the picture and you'll have your mini sugarcane farm up and running in no time!
    2013-06-02_16.08.09.png Although this is probably the most demanding option of all, it is my favourite too. You're going to need:
    20 blocks of your choice
    A mooshroom egg
    Any amount of bowls
    To build this structure, make a 4x3 base, then for 3 of the 4 walls, create a second line of blocks. Make sure you put a roof over the top though, because like you, mooshrooms can jump! Now, you're probably thinking; how do I make money from this? Well, by simply clicking your bowls onto the mooshroom cow, you can make mooshroom soup! If you read on for the last paragraph, I'll show you how to set up your shops.

    Setting up your shop:
    To create a shop, you need signs, chests and most importantly, items to sell!
    Your signs should look like this. The B means buy, as in when a player comes along it means they're buying it from you. There is a special way of setting up your chest shops, and I'll explain below this picture: 2013-06-02_16.33.54.png Your chest should be the block in front of the blocks with the sign on them. If your chest shop looks like this, you're ready to roll!

    To finish off, I will leave you with a handful of tips!
    Don't spend more than your daily bonus (100r for regular members) each day.
    Buy what you need, because it could turn out you only need a little bit, not a chest full.
    Offer to work for players.
    Be friendly in chat.
    Try to find things that are in high demand such as stone, wood and ores as they are always of value!
    SELL to big malls! If you want quick cash ask around as there are always plenty of stores willing to buy many things!
    Use your skills to make rupees. If you're good at working with redstone, make a job out of your skills!
    Advertise yourself on the forums (be sure to follow the rules first).
    Always mine in a group, you'll have people to cover large areas, and it is much more productive.
    Don't spam chat with notices about your shop/res.
    Do not beg if you run out of money, instead follow these rules again and you'll be back on track.

    Thank you for reading my guide, and I hope it helps you, beginner or not!

    (Again, I took all of the above pictures in single-player creative mode, if that wasn't already obvious. Thank you and bye bye!)
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  4. Extra Tips for earning them rupees:
    VOTE: You can earn up to 1200r PER DAY if you do it regularly.

    Try to find things that are in high demand. Eg. Stone, wood and ores are always of value!

    SELL to big malls! If you want quick cash ask around as there are always plently of stores willing to buy many things!

    Use your skills to make rupees: Are you good at redstone? Xp grinding? Building Farms etc?
    Advertise yourself on the forums (be sure to follow the rules first).

    Mine with friends!
    The MORE the merrier! You stay alive for longer and it's easier to find resources!

    All these things are easy to do and should be able to get you up and running in no time!
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