The begging. It HAS to stop.

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  1. Every day I see people begging for rupees and items in town chat. I used to just ask them to stop and /report if they persisted. However, it's just getting out of hand. It's no longer a small minority of online players that are doing it. It's pretty much half of the server. I'm even seen diamond supporters doing it.

    It's not just town chat. I've been repeatedly /telled, asking for my rupees, items and on occasions my reses. I pay for diamond so I should get the perks. I don't think any random gold/diamond supporter that you PM will ever give you one of their reses. And quite frankly I think it's rude to ask. Actually, I think begging is rude in general.

    To the beggars:
    Stop begging. When you first join the Empire you're asked to read and acknowledge the guide. In the guide are 10 commandments (rules). Here is a reminder of the ninth one:

    Thou Shalt Not Be a Pain In The Chat
    Do not beg for items or residence permissions, and do not expect the staff or other players to answer all your questions; do not be demanding; do not ask to become a moderator, do not ask to be teleported, and do not advertise other servers in the chat. If you come on the server just to advertize another server you will be banned permanently without warning.

    See that bit in big, orange, bold, underlined writing? It says not to beg. By begging you are effectively breaking the rules which can be punished by the staff in a way that they see fit.

    Also, it's just plain rude and annoying to everyone else. We know you want rupees but you know all of those top players? They earned the right to be there; they didn't beg for it. Go to the wild and sell what you find or get a job. It's not that hard.

    What I consider begging:
    • Please can I have some rupees?
    • AHHHHH!!!! I'M POOOORR!!!!!
    • Give me muniez
    • Asking for 'donations in chat'. It's the same thing as begging.
    • Hinting that they need money. Eg: 'I only have 100r...'
    To everyone else:
    Thanks for not being a pain in chat. Remember that the staff wont know someone's begging unless they're reported. Remember: warn, /report, /ignore; there's always the off-chance they don't mean to break the rules so it's worth giving them a chance to stop. If they persist then make sure they're reported so the mods can deal with them.
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  3. I seen ******** beg for money even thouugh he's a gold supporter. I don't beg for anything!
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  4. i know "will you give me repiez?' i just give them 2
  5. I support this thread. The amount of people i have on my ignored list due to begging for items, rupees and now res is growing daily.
  6. People have even asked me for rupees and items it's like, really!
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  7. __________ joined the empire dogsrnice: /tell __________ welcome!!! __________: can i has repiez and diamonds?!?!?
  8. I can't agree with your post more. Just the other day there was a guy begging for a job and so I gave him one. He agreed to 64 rupees for 64 logs. He proceeded to give me 64 PLANKS instead of logs, so I paid him a quarter of what we agreed on. He was begging for more rupees and calling a foul and telling everyone I ripped him off when I clearly didn't. Like you said Jack, the begging NEEDS to stop.
  9. / report ________ begging and spamming and foul language
  10. Too many posts about begging... too few /ignores. I highly doubt anyone that is begging is 1) on the forums 2) going to listen to someone telling them not to beg (since they are told that already).

    Now I like a good rant as much as the next guy, and I'm making a collage of all the people who beg me for ridiculous things, but I doubt a forum topic is going to get anywhere.

    Clearly, begging is seperate from demanding. So as long as they demand you hand over your rupees, it's allowed :)
  11. See also "If you beg for rupees, read this!" and "Asking Us For Money".

    In particular,

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  12. Also jack the "Can someone plz donate X rupees or more?
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  13. I almost forgot that whole part, let me add it ;)
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  14. Solution:

    Step 1. /report [begger] Begging for items
    Step 2. /ignore [begger]
    Step 3. ???
    Step 4. Profit!
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  15. Can I have some of that profit? :p
  16. Also the people who dont beg directly but though hints like, "oh nice shop, shame I only have 100$"
  17. I hate this every so often someone who isn't a supporter says something like 'i have 12k' then someone replies saying 'how do you get that much I just say: because the save always say that if a person is beging for money.

    Ps: if youre a diamond supporter this may not apply
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  18. It's natural for noobs to beg, because they are too lazy too... wait for it... MINE.

    FYI: Happy I sold you tons of iron :)
  19. They beg, because lots of people beg, all the time, and mods don't kick people for it.

    If others saw people cautioned, or kicked, for begging then the problem would be reduced.

    Which is why I keep asking if mods will take action.

    And I've already covered why "ignore" isn't the whole answer, in other threads; I won't repeat it all, but in brief: EMC is about community; if I have to ignore a bunch of players in the chat, I can't see what people are talking about (because the replies to things I don't see won't make sense), and it floods the chat that I'm trying to use for helping other players and other interactions - especially with new players who don't know, and can't work out, how to use /ignore.

    As I said previously, I have never - in over 1000 hours - seen a mod caution or kick a player for begging.