If you beg for rupees, read this!

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  1. Ok ive seen a common problem that has occurred to me and probably alot of other supporters: Beggars. We see why you beg but if you read the tutorial (DOES ANYONE READ THE TUTORIAL!?) then you will see Commandment #9 is: Thou shall not be a PAIN in the CHAT. This includes PMs as well. (Tsk Tsk) However, if you look at the first forum under Community Marketplace under the Forums Tab, you will find this VERY VERY helpful link. Trust me, ive gotten 7.5k today because of it.

    THE THREAD OF RUPEES AND ALL THAT IS AWESOME:http://empireminecraft.com/threads/...f-rupees-fast-without-being-a-supporter.5504/

    If you do this, you will be good on rupees and you will STOP begging.

    Simple Version: Please read the thread i posted above and stop begging. :)
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  2. Yup. Ive been begged a lot by people, but i dont care. I have the rupees to do it as 200r is a ton for all the people who beg to me.
  3. Its just so easy to make money, you can make 30k in a few hours if you get glowstone..
  4. Shhh, Dont tell them that. supply and demand... the less glow stone there is the more money we can make. ;)
  5. Can I has some rupees... jk :p
  6. When ever someone asks me for money i give them 1r and if they ask me for more after that i just do /ignore [player name]
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  7. "iz willz givz youz wood for 10000000 ruppiz!!!!!!"
  8. :eek: /ignore DogsRNice :eek: XD
  9. the thing is most of the people probably don't know that there are forums or don't cair because they are like "this server is stupid because people don't give me money"
  10. I agree, there are over 40,000 players on this server but i wonder how many of them are perm banned or never really get on?
  11. yeah maybe if someone doesn't log on for like 5 months there account will get deleted (they will still be banned if they were)
  12. ICC has stated EMC has 20,000 active members